Nano Sun Opens 3D Printing Facility to Manufacture New Water Treatment Membranes

Five years ago, Dr. Darren Sun, an Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, and Wong Ann Chai founded a university spin-off company called Nano Sun that’s focused on water…

The Importance of Continuing Development of 3D Printing Techniques in Membrane Fabrication

We know that 3D printing has many uses in a variety of fields, from medical to education to artwork; it can create almost any geometrically complex shape you can dream…

Researchers: 3D Printing Offers Great Benefits for Water Treatment Industry, But Progress is Slow Thus Far

You might be surprised at how often 3D printing and water intermingle. After all though—as you’ll well remember if you try to go without it for a few hours—water is…

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