3d printed knee

Prosthetic Leg Prototype Designed to Improve Balance and Mobility for Dogs

We’ve seen birds, tortoises, lizards, and cats get a new lease on life thanks to 3D printed prosthetic limbs, but more often, it seems, we hear about puppies and dogs…

Sheepdog Knee Replacement Aided by 3D Printing

3D scanning and printing technologies are making enormous contributions to both the practice and study of medicine and this is no less true of veterinary medicine than any other area….

Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholar Gives Compelling Speech on Impacts of 3D Printing

If you’re interested in keeping your fingers on the pulse of 3D printing and other technologies, sites like Reddit are a great place to watch and read—and you surely never…

Materialise and Mobelife Announce New Partnerships to Develop 3D Printed Advanced Orthopaedic Implants

3D printing has been all over medicine this year, from 3D printed organs used for surgical pre-planning to major advances in bioprinting technology and the ongoing revolution of prosthesis manufacturing….

Doctors Create a 3D Printed Knee Meniscus at Columbia University Medical Center

If you’re an athlete or a sports fan, then you are probably aware of how common knee injuries are among athletes. Physically active people and the elderly are also susceptible…