3D printed football helmet

KOLLIDE and LIGHT Helmets 3D Printed Tech Hope to Tackle NFL’s Concussion Problem

Arguably, the helmet is the most important piece of NFL equipment. It’s a player’s first line of defense, and the only thing stopping a 100+ G force collision going straight…

How Many Sports Injuries Can Be Prevented Through 3D Printing?

It’s no secret that football is a dangerous sport. It’s fast-paced and high-impact, and protective gear can only do so much, as repeated tragedies involving traumatic brain injuries have shown….

LLNL & Autodesk 3D Printing Football Helmets, Overhauling Sports Equipment Construction

I live in Colorado, where today even the word euphoric would be an understatement to describe how people are feeling. It’s the day after that glorious Super Bowl win. Bets…