Bottletop and Ai Build Use Sustainable Materials to 3D Print Store Interior

Holiday shoppers near 84 Regent Street in London should be on the lookout for Bottletop, the world’s first store with a 3D printed interior created by KUKA robots using sustainable…

Locals Find Work at Australian Recycling Center Turning E-Waste into 3D Printers

For a couple of years, my husband had what I jokingly referred to as a “computer graveyard” in the basement of our house. Our old college computers were down there,…

3D Print Objects Using Plastic From Old Car Dashboards — Dutch Startup ‘Refil’ Offers New Filament

While ‘additive’ manufacturing is often looked at as being environmentally friendly when compared its ‘subtractive’ manufacturing counterpart, since there is little to no byproduct produced during the fabrication of an object,…

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