Interview with Elisabeth Moreno on HP and 3D Printing in Africa

Elisabeth Moreno, the Vice President and Managing Director Africa at HP Technology, talks to us about HP’s role in 3D printing in Africa, as well as the company’s influence in…

Fast Things 3: Make It in the Store

High footfall streets bring shoppers into your store. They browse and try on things, sometimes just for fun. If you had a Desire Engine then your conversion on those things…

Interview with Denis Hamant of French 3D Printing Reseller Kreos

At we’re very interested in finding out how 3D printing is actually doing. For many 3D printing materials and products, the reseller is where the rubber meets the road….

How Close Are We to Full Color 3D Printing?

Full color 3D printing is the holy grail of 3D printing. To be able to 3D print an object in any color whatsoever with clear definition and no bleed would…

Digging Deeper Into Hewlett Packard’s 3D Printing Aspirations

When a $60 billion company like Hewlett Packard mentions entering a new market, like their CEO Meg Whitman did a few months ago, people take notice. The 3D printing space is…

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