3D Guns Canada

Global Crackdown on 3D Printed Ghost Guns Escalates

In just one week, law enforcement agencies in Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Pennsylvania, and New York reported busts involving 3D printed guns. In Canada, a joint operation led by the…


Canada’s Landmark Sweep: 300+ 3D Printed Firearms Seized in Massive Crackdown

In an unprecedented multi-province operation codenamed Project Reproduction, Canadian law enforcement officials seized over 440 privately made firearms, including 3D printed handguns, long guns, silencers, ammunition, 3D printers, and drugs….

In the Crosshairs of the Law: Arrest, Bail, and Sentencing for 3D Printed Gun Offenses

Recent incidents involving 3D printed firearms have underscored the growing concern over the illegal production and distribution of these ghost weapons. In the Canadian city of Winnipeg, a man was…