3D Printshow London: A brief overview of what caught our eyes

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3dpshowfeatured3DPrintshow in London was held earlier this month, drawing visitors from around the world. I had the chance to visit with and talk to various companies who were there to exhibit their products. Below is a brief recap of what I saw, and what caught my eye.

Aye Aye Labs
3dpshow2Aye Aye Labs, based in Poland, has now added high speed to their already stylish Hot Rod Henry 3D printer. Aye Aye Labs announced their partnership with Create it Real, the high speed electronic platform manufacturer (print up to 450mm/sec)and  are announcing their strategic partnership to create one of the best looking and fastest FFF printers on the market. Both companies met at the 3D Printshow in Berlin last March. The goal of Aye Aye Labs was to offer the best 3D printer experience with the Hot Rod Henry.

“Thanks to the great design, large build volume, and now high speed and reliability, we believe we achieved our goal” Tomasz Zawada, CEO of Aye Aye Labs stated.

“Hot Rod Henry Supercharged” will be available in the coming weeks, and customers can already pre-order it through Aye Aye Labs’ website.

3D Slash
3D Slash is Fun & Fast 3D Modelling Software for non-designers of any age. Currently 3D Slash is integrated with 3D Printer services 3D Hubs, Sculpteo and i.materialise and can also print directly to the Zeepro printer. 3D Slash is ideal for non CAD people who want to get a head start in 3D printing without the complexities of CAD software. While the web app allows the freedom to work from any browser, the local download allows you to work on your model in smaller detail, lower than 1/4 mm, which will no doubt allow you to create some fine designs. You can currently share your designs with Facebook and Twitter friends, with more sharing options are coming in the future.

At the 3D PrintS\show, 3D Slash announced that they have now formed a partnership with both Sketchfab and Youmagine. Currently it is available free in Beta release as a Web app or a local download for the Windows, Mac and Linux platform. Version 1 of 3DSlash is due for release in July of 2015, and is sure to be a hit.

Fuel3d – Scanify
This is a scanner currently available with Studio Starter software, Studio Plus and Studio Advanced coming in July. Also support for Mac will be available in September. There is some really exciting stuff coming from Fuel3d in the coming months (top secret at the moment, sorry no pics allowed). Some of these things include:

  • Tablet holder – Scanner and Tablet all in one
  • Tablet and Battery Holder – Their own property battery pack to power the scanner to go totally portable for several hours of scanning

3D Hubs
Currently 3D Hubs features over 17,000 hub locations worldwide, and they will be featured in Adobe’s upcoming release of Photoshop Creative Cloud, which will go live in June. 3D Hubs API Teleport was just released and it will enable anyone to send digital designs to their 17,000+ printing locations in the world.

A flexible reusable mat that will allow users to remove their print from their printer platform without any hassle, this company unveiled their products at this show. Currently in the mats are available in the size of 26 x 22 cm and they will be available in a 30 x 30 cm size in the coming weeks.

Robo Savvy
RoboSavvy launched their MM2X Extruder Kit which will Print ABS and PLA at the same time. This will allow users to swap out their Makerbot Replicator 2X extruder kit and replace it with this one.

Also launched was MonsterFil, which is an excellent food safe filament with low warping and surface lubrication. The filament will be available in spools of up to 10kg, and to hold the 10kg spools, the company has also launched their Monsterfeed, which is a spool with its own motorized turning device to reduce tension on the filament. The Monsterfeed will be suitable for several printer manufacturers and can run with up to 10 kg of filament.

London based 5axismaker is currently taking orders for their 5axismaker which comes in 3 different build volumes: 400 x 400 x 400 mm, 600 x 600 x 600 mm and a missive 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm.

The 5axis cnc machine is a powerful low cost fabricator which comes with swappable heads such as a milling head, a 3D printing extruder head, a touchprobe, a hot wire-cutter and a water jet. This gives users better speed and ability to print at angles other printers can’t achieve.

Mcor Technologies
Mcor has just launched a makeover of their Iris 3D printer — the all new Mcor IRIS HD which achieves realistic color with 1+ million colours and a resolution of 5760 x 1440 x 508 dpi.

Built on new algorithms and a newly designed carbide cutting tip, Mcor IRIS HD makes full-colour detail and text on 3D printed models crisper than ever, to deliver a photorealistic appearance around the full geometry of the model and better communication of granular information.

Because Mcor IRIS HD uses less ink and the tip lasts longer, it delivers a 20-percent reduction in the cost to 3D print a model. Mcor’s materials already cost 10-20 percent of other 3D printing technologies, saving customers thousands of dollars and providing greater access to the technology. Mcor IRIS HD is available now for new and existing owners of Mcor 3D printers.


There you have it, my brief review of the 3D Printshow London.  Did you get to attend?  Discuss in the 3D Printshow forum thread on

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