‘Immortal Mics’ Brings It On for GoPro Loud & Clear via 3D Printed Binaural Audio


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“Hey bro – this isn’t your teacher’s lapel mic.” -Immortal Mics

logo_headerWhen it comes to adventure video, everybody has close-up, all around vision these days, it would seem–but we still need the ears to match. For our GoPro, that is.

If you’ve been involved in the adventure video craze as either a wearer or watcher, then you are well aware of how exciting it is to travel through the virtual video tour—whether it be from atop a wave while hanging ten, running through a crowded Disney World, racing a sleek sailboat, or filming from your neighborhood skateboard park. It’s not the best-selling camera in the world for nuthin’ and what could be more fun than adding to it with complete surround sound?


The Turner brothers, founders of Immortal Mics

With the GoPro video you can be part of what are seemingly impossible extreme adventures, holding your breath, feeling the knots in your stomach, and almost experiencing the same sense of victory at the finish line, sighing in relief as you take off the camera to catch your breath.

Over the years, the GoPro went through extensive redesign just past inception, hit a stagnant marketing phase, and then in its last development stint, it really took off. Headquartered in Austin, TX, the team at Immortal Mics, completely independent and unrelated to the GoPro company, thinks it’s time for the adventure microphone to catch up with a redesign as well–in 3D print–which is why they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $35K by May 12th.

If there’s shouting and screaming going on, the Immortal Mics team wants to bring it to you crisply. And I think it can be agreed on that we would like to hear every terrified gasp and shriek as death-defying stunts are being performed. The audio equipment needs to be adjustable, adaptable, and in the best scenario–deliver sound like never before. That’s where the 3D printed Immortal Mic comes in. Loud and clear.

The 3D printed audio innovation is brought to us by engineers Ryan and Brandon Turner, a sibling team deeply inspired by the energetic, talented people around them who create a need for something like Immortal Mics. The audio equipment is wearable, rugged, and binaural—which means that sound is streamed separately to each ear. When one puts so much effort into getting a cool video, it’s a total shame if the audio is tinny or reduced—or completely eliminated—due to wind noise or other common issues which affect most audio on the extreme video devices.68d8970388828b73b267813a6c887b91_original

With no digital processing or auditory processing necessary after the fact, Immortal Mics will, according to its creators, make “the hair on the back of your neck stand up”’ as you watch—and hear–crazy adventures and antics unfold on video. The Immortal Mics team promises that you’ll be comprehensively immersed, hearing the video in exactly the same way the wearer of the GoPro does.

The action mics can hold up in hostile environments (and include variable mounting options), record sound at the ultimate, surround sound level, and allow for the total entertainment experience. Partnering with experienced designers and manufacturers, they’ve created a fully tested prototype with the following steps completed:

  • Trademarks obtained
  • Patent pending
  • Final CAD geometry
  • Final fit and finish prototyping
  • DFM (design for manufacturing)
  • DFA (design for assembly)
  • Production optimization
  • Ergonomics testing
  • Product assembly review
  • Full supply chain has been established
  • Plastic injection molding partners have been selected and qualified
  • All components (mechanical and electro-mechanical) have been specified, selected, and qualified according to Immortal Mics rigorous internal quality standards
  • Trusted full product assembly partners have been identified and selected

Now, with hopes of using at least $35K in Kickstarter capital, the Turner brothers want to take their mics through the final steps: production, packaging, and fulfillment. Supporters at the $99 level will receive an early bird discount of 50% off the eventual Immortal Mic set retail price of $200. Those pledging at the $149 level receive a set of Immortal Mics, two ears, two adhesive sockets, two strap mount sockets, two foam wind suppressors and one Y Cable with inline attenuator. At $179, supporters also receive the fur wind suppressors—also known as “dead cats.”

Is this a product you are interested in supporting? Tell us your thoughts in the 3D Printed Binaural Surround Sound Audio System forumthread over at 3DPB.com. Below is the Immortal Mics Kickstarter video.


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