New Ender-3 V3 from Creality Sets CoreXZ Trend in Consumer 3D Printing


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Creality, a leading brand in the 3D printing industry, has launched the Ender-3 V3, setting a new standard with its CoreXZ bed slinger configuration. Building on the success of the Ender-3 V2, which made waves in 2020, the latest model introduces groundbreaking features such as CoreXZ technology, a printing speed of 600mm/s, a die-cast gantry and base, and the Creality operating system (OS), positioning it as a trailblazer in the consumer 3D printer market.

Revolutionizing Speed and Quality with CoreXZ

The Ender-3 V3 is Creality’s first printer to incorporate CoreXZ technology, an innovative twist on the CoreXY setup. By synchronizing the X and Z axes, the printer leverages two high-torque motors to achieve rapid response times. This design enables astonishing printing speeds of up to 600mm/s and an acceleration of 10000mm/s², dramatically surpassing the performance of traditional i3-style printers by a factor of twelve.

CoreXZ not only sets a new performance standard for bed slingers but also significantly enhances print quality, particularly along the Z-axis. The use of precision linear shafts and timing belts greatly reduces transmission gaps and deviations, surpassing older technologies like lead screws and V-wheels in efficiency. Additionally, the automatic tensioning of timing belts eliminates the need for manual calibration.

Enhanced Stability and Durability

The Ender-3 V3 showcases a new, robust metal construction that exudes quality. The gantry and base, crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy using die-casting technology found in luxury vehicles, ensure unparalleled stability and longevity.

The printer further enhances print quality through a G-sensor integrated into the printhead for vibration compensation, effectively minimizing ringing or ghosting. Dual part-cooling fans, positioned at the front and back of the printhead, deliver a consistent airflow to maintain optimal print conditions. The printer also features dynamic balancing, eradicating issues like drooping, warping, or stringing.

Innovative Extruder Kit for Unmatched Performance

The Ender-3 V3 introduces an advanced direct extruder kit, designed for over 1000 hours of clog-free operation. A combination of a bolster spring and a ball plunger ensures reliable extrusion, while the unified nozzle and heatbreak design prevent heat creep and facilitate easy, one-handed swaps. The nozzle, made from hardened steel, is ideally suited for processing high-strength engineering filaments. A 60W ceramic heater surrounds the hotend, boosting the flow rate to 32mm³/s for efficient melting of ABS, PETG, and other high-temperature filaments.

Simplifying 3D Printing with Creality OS

Operated by the user-friendly Creality OS, which is based on Klipper and powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU with 8G ROM, the Ender-3 V3 simplifies 3D printing tasks. Users can easily perform auto leveling, input shaping, and more with just a tap on the 4.3” touchscreen. The inclusion of built-in WiFi supports remote control and monitoring, enhancing user convenience. Creality’s comprehensive software ecosystem includes the Creality Print slicer for secure LAN printing and a plethora of filament presets. Additionally, the Creality Cloud APP allows users to monitor their prints from anywhere and access a wide selection of free 3D models, making 3D printing more accessible and enjoyable.

The Ender-3 V3 also offers a range of optional accessories, including an AI camera, printer enclosure, and Hyper-PLA filament, further expanding its capabilities.

About Creality

As a global leader in consumer 3D printing technology, Creality is dedicated to making 3D printing more accessible and user-friendly. The Ender-3 V3 represents a significant evolution from its predecessors, the Ender-3 and Ender-3 V2, aiming to deliver faster, smarter, and more intuitive 3D printing experiences. With the Ender-3 V3, Creality continues to innovate, promising to introduce more cutting-edge products in the future. For additional information about the Ender-3 V3, please visit Creality’s website.

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