Ringing in 2024 the 3D Printed Way


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This week, we’ve been sharing lots of 3D printing industry predictions for the new year, as well as the top 10 most impactful 3D printing stories of 2023. But, before you get to 2024, we have to give 2023 a festive sendoff on New Year’s Eve! I’m here to help, with a list of some of my favorite holiday prints. Whether you’re going out to a big party dressed to the nines, or snuggling up on the couch in your pajamas, 3D printing can help make your night even better.

Christmas 2024

This print by MyMiniFactory user ALEXIOS is technically a Christmas ornament, but since it says “2024,” I think it still counts for New Year’s Eve. This wreath looks to be a fairly simple print, and won’t require any supports. You can hang it anywhere you want—not just the Christmas tree!

Year of the Dragon 2024 New Year Coin

It’s the Year of the Dragon! While the Chinese New Year, which celebrates the beginning of the lunar calendar’s new year, doesn’t begin until February 10th, we can start celebrating now with this 3D printed dragon coin by Thingiverse user two_d_man. The PLA coin prints with a 0.2 mm resolution and 15% infill, and doesn’t require rafts or supports. You should set the slicer to change color for the middle layer.

“Print this with changes of color for the head and tail side. PRUSA Gcode included.”

Chinese New Year Dragon Incense Holder

Continuing with Year of the Dragon prints, MyMiniFactory user eduardocaiokrainski shared this Community Print of an incense holder that’s also a dragon! Printed on a Creality Ender 3 out of eSUN PLA+, this one requires “lots of supports.”

Holiday Glasses 2024 New Year

Want to be the best-dressed person at your New Year’s Eve bash? You’ll need these 3D printed glasses—complete with 2024 on top of the frames—by Cults3D user MsBanDini. The model measures 147 x 101 x 55.7 mm, but the size is completely customizable. It does need supports, but is otherwise quick and easy to print.

“This 3d model will brighten up your New Year’s Eve 2024 party! Enjoy with your friends and family!”

2024 Headband

If you don’t like the idea of wearing glasses, you could also rock this cute 3D printed 2024 headband by Cults3D user AshandRose. Printed out of PLA at 210°, it doesn’t require supports, and the recommended settings are:

  • 15% infill
  • 50 speed
  • 3 wall count

New Year 2024 earrings

Thingiverse user DanTech shared this adorable four-pack of 3D printable 2024 earrings, which would complement any outfit. I personally like the purple pair with block numbers, which is listed as type_4 in the STL files section.

Chinese New Year Lamp Cookie Cutter

We’re back to the Chinese New Year with this print by Pinshape user OogiMe, who caters to baking enthusiasts and home cooking aficionados. It’s not a party without some tasty treats, and this 3D printed cookie cutter, shaped like a traditional Chinese lantern, will help make your dessert offering extra special. For a little variety this New Year’s Eve, you could also print OogiMe’s Chinese dragon cookie cutters. No matter which ones you choose, make sure to use a food-safe filament.

“Estimated Print Time ~ 01:06 Filament ~ 22 gr *(standard resolution, layer height 0.3mm)”

Happy New Year 2024 Cake Topper

You’ll also need food-safe filament for this last model: a festive NYE cake topper by Thingiverse user Kalbo64. Printed out of gold PLA on a Creality Ender 5, it requires 20% infill. Kalbo64 also made a YouTube video that teaches you how to use a free conversion website, and Tinkercad, to convert a 2D image into a 3D image for printing, like he did with this cake topper that his wife wanted for a party they’ll be attending. Once he sliced the model in Cura, he said it only took about an hour to print.

“I’m fairly new to this, so no doubt there’s better ways of doing things. I just found a fairly simple way of converting an image, and that’s it,” he said at the end of the video.

Please remember to drive safely this holiday weekend. Happy New Year’s Eve, and as always, happy 3D printing!

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