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BASF, Farsoon, and Hyperganic Collaborate on Lattice 3D Printing Software

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Ahead of Formnext 2023, Farsoon Technologies, Hyperganic, and BASF Forward AM announced a partnership dedicated to developing an integrated solution aimed at simplifying the creation of high-performance lattice structures for industrial applications. Specifically, Farsoon is contributing its efforts to perfecting BASF and Hyperganic’s 3D Lattice Solution.

Powered by Hyperganic’s software, along with BASF Forward AM’s material expertise and lattice library, the Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine is meant to be a user-friendly standalone application that facilitates lattice generation. The engine simplifies lattice creation without the need for expensive specialized tools.

Now, real-world data is informing Ultrasim, thanks to Farsoon. The Chinese company, known for its powder bed fusion (PBF) technology for polymers and metals, has 3D printed lattices composed of Ultrasint TPU 88A on its PBF equipment to characterize the materials. This has resulted in pre-selected, validated lattice and print settings that Ultrasim users can rely on to inform their design decisions.

“Engineering structures has been an endless game of trial and error. Hyperganic catalyzes engineering knowledge into accessible workflows,” says Markus Finke, Director of Sales and Business Development at Hyperganic. “Through this partnership with Farsoon and BASF Forward AM, this vision is realized for thousands of their users, enabling them to perfect lattice structures from the outset.”

Oliver Li, Managing Director of Farsoon Europe GmbH, states, “Our open-platform hardware is capable of integrating a wide range of materials and software, making it ideal for swiftly bringing industrial products to market, leveraging Hyperganic’s technology to democratize lattice generation and accelerate the development of next-generation products. Our partnership with BASF Forward AM and Hyperganic will introduce integrated and accessible additive manufacturing solutions for industrial users, and highlights our commitment towards driving innovation within the industry.”

Stefan Josupeit, Head of Powder Bed Fusion at BASF Forward AM Forward AM, highlights the versatility of BASF Forward AM materials portfolio. “By translating BASF Forward AM proprietary expertise in TPU materials into accessible software powered by Hyperganic,” he says, “we’ve democratized the creation of highly functional and intricate lattices. Our collaboration, powered by our lattice library, empowers engineers to achieve remarkable results in the world of additive manufacturing.”

This news comes after Farsoon introduced its 16-laser FS1521M metal AM system in September. The FS1521M boasts an extra-large build volume, approximately the size of a dining table, with a diameter of about 1.5 meters and an 850mm Z-axis, serving sectors like automotive, aerospace, and energy where large industrial parts are requisite. An optional extended Z-height of 1650mm further enhances its application in the oil & gas and aerospace sectors.

Farsoon is currently at the heart of intense competition between PBF companies within a rapidly growing Chinese AM sector. This competition takes place within the larger global context such that, not only are Chinese PBF companies expanding the sizes of their machines and adding more lasers, but so too are 3D printing firms abroad, like Nikon SLM Solutions, 3D Systems, and Velo3D. With BASF in its corner, Farsoon has a powerful partner in this fight, but the German chemical giant doesn’t seem to necessarily pick favorites.

Another interesting element here is the comparatively small world of lattice engines. A key geometry in the AM sector, 3D printing lattices successfully isn’t as easy as it seems on the surface, driving Carbon to release its own lattice software. BASF, a partner with Carbon via its work with adidas, may be stepping on Carbon’s toes a bit in this niche. Meanwhile, LatticeRobot is tackling the issue in a more open way.

The results of their collaboration will be on display at Formnext 2023 from November 7-10 in Frankfurt, Germany, where they will exhibit demonstration parts designed on the Ultrasim 3D Lattice Engine, with Farsoon showcasing at Hall 11.1, Booth C11, and BASF Forward AM hosting a Lattice Generation Workshop at Hall 12.1, Booth D61 on November 9.

At Formnext, Farsoon will also be exhibiting two production platforms, FS621M and Flight SS403P-2, both of which have been sold to European customers. Since introducing its first Powder Bed Fusion system in Europe in 2015, Farsoon has expanded its market presence significantly, offering diverse additive manufacturing solutions. The FS621M platform, utilized in aerospace and manufacturing circles for its large-scale part production, has achieved over 60 global installations. On the other hand, the Flight 403P Dual-laser platform, known for its high-temperature plastic powder bed fusion capabilities, has reached over 260 global installations, offering improved production yield and uptime.

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