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Axtra3D Opens New Global HQ in Charlotte’s Tech Corridor

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Nestled within Charlotte’s thriving tech corridor in North Carolina, Axtra3D opened its new global headquarters. This expansive facility is designed as a corporate space. It also boasts an on-site customer experience center, a dedicated 3D printing lab, a warehouse, and specialized meeting spaces to promote innovation and collaboration.

Axtra3D group during the opening of its new HQ in Charlotte, North Carolina. Image courtesy of Axtra3D.

Axtra3D officially cut the ribbon at its headquarters on October 9, 2023. Speaking at the ceremony, Gianni Zitelli, Founder and CEO of Axtra3D, said: “Our investment in establishing Axtra3D’s global headquarters exemplifies our unwavering dedication to our valued customers in the United States. With the inauguration of this state-of-the-art facility, we are poised to redefine the customer service experience by maintaining a comprehensive inventory of our cutting-edge Lumia X1 printers, an extensive selection of print materials, essential accessories, and spare parts.” Zitelli, also notably one of the founders of Nexa3D, has been a prominent figure in advancing 3D printing technologies.

Echoing the sentiment, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Praveen Tummala, noted that this new space embodies the business’ growth and the innovation it has brought to the 3D printing world. The company now has two fully operable sites: the global headquarters in Charlotte and its subsidiary in Vicenza, Italy. The two locations enable global operations with centers close to key customers in the two continents.

Visitors are welcome to visit the customer showroom. At the new site, they will gain hands-on experience with Axtra3D’s portfolio of high-speed, high-accuracy 3D printing equipment.

“If you’ve been following our journey and are eager to witness how we are enabling High-Speed SLA with our Hybrid PhotoSynthesis [HPS] technology, we extend a warm invitation to visit our facility. We’re excited to welcome you and share the future of 3D printing with Axtra3D,” pointed out Zitelli.

Axtra3D’s new HQ in Charlotte, North Carolina. Image courtesy of Axtra3D.

Beacon of innovation

Since its inception in 2021, Axtra3D has made significant strides in the additive manufacturing sector. Building on this momentum, the company debuted its revolutionary HPS technology at Formnext 2022, launched its X1 Series Printers powered by breakthrough technologies, and boasts a portfolio of 12 patents, both pending and approved. On top of that, it successfully attracted investments worth $6.3 million and partnered with BASF Forward AM.

Powered by the proprietary HPS technology, along with TruLayer that ensures consistent print quality, and the Intelli-Cartridge system for efficient resin management, the brand’s flagship X1 Series printers have set a new benchmark in the 3D printing landscape. These innovative systems overcome the traditional limitations of stereolithography (SLA), digital light processing (DLP), and liquid crystal display (LCD) 3D printing. As a result, they eliminate the age-old trade-offs that users previously had to make, such as choosing between speed and resolution or between print size and detail quality.

Axtra3D printers started to arrive at the new HQ in September 2023, one month ahead of the inauguration. Image courtesy of Axtra3D.

With the unique HPS technology, which marries the precision of a laser with the versatility of a projector, the printers achieve a higher resolution than any conventional SLA or DLP/LCD machine. The company claims the result is a product line with unparalleled speed, surface quality, and resolution, ensuring that customers no longer have to compromise on any front. Furthermore, the introduction of the Intelli-Cartridge system streamlines the printing process, automating resin management and providing consistent and high-quality outputs.

Adding to its line-up is the budget-friendly Revox X1 3D printer, designed for customers seeking DLP part quality without the premium price tag. Both printers are equipped to handle large builds, ensuring high-resolution, production-grade results.

Partnerships and endeavors

The company’s recent collaboration with BASF Forward AM promises a synergy that the industry has long awaited. “Our collaboration brings together Axtra3D’s cutting-edge Hi-Speed SLA technology and BASF’s advanced Ultracur RG 3280 ceramic material, resulting in a game-changing synergy for molding and tooling applications,” stated Axtra3D.

Looking ahead, Axtra3D is gearing up for the Additive Manufacturing Strategies 2024 (AMS 2024) summit starting February 6 in New York City. Here, industry leaders will gather to discuss crucial 3D printing topics, and startups, including Axtra3D, will pitch their ideas, showcasing the future of additive manufacturing.

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