Introducing the Future of 3D Printing Filament Management: 3DXTech FD1 and FM1


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In the ever-evolving world of 3D printing, precision and reliability are paramount. At 3DXTech, we understand that achieving the best possible print quality begins with the fundamentals, and that’s why we’re excited to unveil our latest innovations – the FD1: 3D Printing Filament Dryer and FM1: 3D Printing Filament Maintainer.

Why Filament Drying Matters:

Before delving into the specifics of our dryer, let’s explore why filament drying is a game-changer for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals alike. The raw material for 3D printing, filament, is hygroscopic, meaning it readily absorbs moisture from its surroundings. Moisture-laden filament can lead to print defects, weak structural integrity, and inconsistent layer adhesion – all of which compromise the quality of your prints.

Wet Ultem™ 1010 vs Dry Ultem™ 1010

The 3DXTech Solution:

Our team of experts, with a background in plastics engineering, recognized this challenge and set out to engineer the ultimate solution. The result is the FD1 and FM1 3D Printing Filament Management Systems, equipment designed to optimize your printing process by ensuring your filament is in its ideal state when you begin printing with it.

FM1; Filament Maintainer

Key Features:

  • Precise Temperature and Humidity Control:
    • FD1: Our dryer maintains a consistent and customizable temperature up to 150°C to effectively remove moisture without compromising filament integrity.
    • FM1: Our FM1 Maintainer holds a consistent, low humidity environment with a -40°C dew point and ≤ 3% relative humidity to keep moisture out of your dried filament.
  • Large Filament Capacity: With spacious drying and maintaining chambers, you can rejuvenate and store multiple spools of filament simultaneously, saving you valuable time.
    • FD1 Filament Dryer Spool Capacity:
      • 3x 4kg Filament Spools
      • 5x 1kg Filament Spools
      • 8x 500g Filament Spools
    • FM1 Filament Maintainer Spool Capacity:
      • 10x 4kg Filament Spools
      • 16x 1kg Filament Spools
      • 24x 500g Filament Spools
    • Intuitive Interface: User-friendly controls make it easy to set your desired drying parameters, putting you in charge of the drying process.
    • Enhanced Filament Protection: By keeping your filament dry, you’ll experience fewer clogs and jams, reducing print failures and wasted material which will save your team both time and money.

FD1; Filament Dryer

Why Choose 3DXTech?

As a leader in the 3D printing 3D printing industry, you can trust that we understand the unique challenges and demands of the industry. Our commitment to quality and innovation is the driving force behind the FD1 and FM1 machines.

FD1/FM1 Stacked

At 3DXTech, we’re not just creating products; we’re revolutionizing the way you bring your ideas to life. Join us on this journey toward printing perfection with the FD1 and FM1 Filament Management Systems.

To learn more about the FD1 and FM1 units, please visit the pages below:

FD1, 3DXTech Filament Dryer:

FM1, 3DXTech Filament Maintainer:

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