3D Printing News Unpeeled: Failure to Ignite, Synchrotrons and Connectors

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Relativity Space‘s rocket did launch after two failed attempts but the second stage failed to ignite. This is a terrible event in 3D printing. It makes us all look bad and it makes our technology look bad. Relativity raised $1.3 billion, so they will have a lot of money to make good on their promise. But, Silicon Valley is fixated on vertically integrated startups. Is this maybe a mistake? Could they maybe have bitten off more than they can chew? Perhaps it is just too complex for any organization to make both a rocket and a 3D printer.

A Swedish, Swiss and US research project using two synchrotrons evaluated the cooling behavior and structures of metal 3D printed parts. Results tracked with the Kurz-Giovanola-Trivedi (KGT) solidification model. This could lead to better 3D printed parts and yields.

3D Systems collaborated with TE Connectivity to make a specific resin for connectors, an application that I love.

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