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XJet Builds Momentum Moving Into 2023 – AMS Speaker Spotlight

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Moving into 2023, XJet continues to build momentum in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, delivering state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions for metal and ceramic AM.

NPJ Technology

Underlying XJet’s cutting-edge line of AM systems is the company’s groundbreaking

NanoParticle Jetting™ (NPJ) technology. This unique powderless technology enables the manufacturing of highly complex parts with superfine details, smooth surfaces and pinpoint accuracies – making AM’s promise of zero-cost complexity achievable today.


Three-Stage Process

NPJ technology empowers an automated, safe and environmentally-friendly end-to-end process in three simple stages: printing, washing and sintering.

Printing: During the 3D printing process, ultrafine drops of both build and support materials are jetted onto the system build tray in ultrathin layers. Material is jetted only where needed, leading to better part accuracy and surface finish.

Washing: NPJ technology then enables automated hands-free removal of XJet’s soluble support materials that dissolve in liquid. These support materials are removed simply without damaging the produced parts, eliminating the need for time-consuming, delicate and costly support removal, as with powder-based processes.

Sintering: Produced parts undergo a simple and relatively short overnight sintering process, enabling smooth integration into existing operations along with short and simple post-processing. Printed parts are heated at temperatures lower than those associated with other AM technologies (approximately 200°C lower), resulting in reduced part deformation and lower energy consumption.

XJet strives to make its AM process as simple and automated as possible. Automation is built into each step of the production process – from automated generation of support structures to automated removal of its award-winning soluble support materials with the XJet SMART system.

Eliminating the need for expert system operators, this automation leads to consistent production repeatability while streamlining the additive manufacturing process.

Metal AM

With metal part production, AM technologies such as NPJ that achieve final part quality equal to traditional manufacturing standards will begin taking over the high-end part segment. As a case in point, XJet’s customers are using NPJ in new and exciting ways. Azoth, the Michigan-based additive manufacturing specialist, is taking full advantage of XJet’s Carmel 1400M metal AM system to produce high-end parts for a number of markets including luxury goods, automotive, medical, and tooling. These metal parts have fine features, high resolution and outstanding surface finish – at levels not seen before – right off the 3D printer.


Ceramic AM

In addition to metals, XJet also focuses on ceramic materials. While ceramic AM is still in its early stages, a wealth of opportunity exists as the industry opens up and gains momentum across diverse sectors. Offering the popular ceramic materials of zirconia and alumina, XJet caters to traditional manufacturers who desire the freedom of design delivered by AM while utilizing widespread materials with well-known properties. CeramTec, the global supplier of high-performance ceramics (HPC) parts and components, recently invested in XJet’s Carmel 1400C ceramic AM system, and both companies are excited to see the precision parts.

About XJet

XJet is a technology company offering revolutionary solutions for the additive manufacturing market. The company’s groundbreaking NanoParticle Jetting™ technology enables the accurate, scalable, and sustainable production of high-definition 3D metal and ceramic parts. XJet’s powderless solution empowers manufacturers to overcome any challenge related to quality, geometric complexities and production volume, supporting and advancing a wide range of industry use cases. The company’s print-wash-sinter process is the safest, easiest, and most reliable procedure on the market. With over 80 registered patents and a team of industry veterans and R&D experts, XJet is spearheading the next generation of metal and ceramic additive manufacturing.

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