DSD & Formlabs Dental to Develop 3D Printing Digital Dentistry Workflow Solutions

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Formlabs has long been dedicated to 3D printed dental applications, introducing new materials and dental 3D printers, and launching the Formlabs Dental unit in 2019. Along the way, the company has partnered with many others to advance 3D printing in the dental space, and today announced its latest strategic dental partnership. Prior to the announcement of their official alliance, Digital Smile Design (DSD) has supported Formlabs Dental for a long time, and will now work with the company to develop strong 3D printing digital workflow solutions to improve patient treatment outcomes and efficiency in the dental lab.

“Only great things will happen when we combine the teams from both sides to continue developing the future of dentistry,” said Christian Coachman, DSD Founder and CEO. “Among many other things, we share the same key value with Formlabs of inventing solutions to make the life of dental professionals easier.”

Formlabs Dental offers hardware and software solutions, a dental service plan, biocompatible workflow options, and the Dental Academy education platform. DSD, which manufactures dental products for a worldwide client base, has been using Formlabs 3D printers in its lab ever since the Form 2 came out. It now has five Form 3B dental printers, and will continue to add to this Formlabs system offering.

“With this new collaboration, we look forward to continuing to make printing technology commonplace in dental clinics and advancing the printing of more advanced appliances, based on new resins. All of this will help dentists to provide even better and more precise services for their patients,” said George Cabanas, DSD Research and Development Manager.

“The ease of use of the Form 3B/3B+ printers, the variety of resins, and the affordable system price make it a no-brainer for any dental lab to introduce multiple Formlabs printers into their production process.”

By integrating digital dentistry into the workflow, dental labs make it possible for technicians to design and build devices and models from a digital impression. This then enables the creation of dental products in far less time, and for less cost, with the added bonus of improving outcomes for patients. According to the SmarTech Analysis “Additive Manufacturing in Dentistry 2021” report, the dental market was one of “the most stable and fast-growing opportunities for 3D printing technologies” prior to the pandemic, and has already made headway in bouncing back.

This new partnership is a testament to the commitment of both Formlabs and DSD in expanding digital dentistry, advancing the dental profession, and making advanced resin 3D printing more “commonplace” in dental clinics and offices. Together, the two will work to find opportunities to use 3D printing to better serve patients and clinicians, and the partners already have several dedicated projects underway, from research and development to dental education initiatives.

“Digital transformation in dentistry is spreading rapidly and Digital Smile Design company is leading the way with their use of Formlabs 3D printing,” said Guillaume Bailliard, President of the Healthcare division of Formlabs. “To continue industry adoption, education is critical and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Christian Coachman and the DSD to develop robust digital workflow solutions and curricula that will bolster efficiency and patient treatment outcomes that 3D printing provides in dentistry.”

At Additive Manufacturing Strategies 2023, co-hosted by and SmarTech Analysis in New York City from February 7-9, 3D printing in dentistry will be one of the critical industry verticals covered during the summit. Sponsored by DWS, the session will include discussions and presentations on dental 3D printer trends, low-cost mass customization in dentistry, and more. To learn more about dental 3D printing and other important industry topics, register for AMS 2023 here.

(Source/Images: Formlabs)

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