fabWeaver Professional A530 3D Printer Begins Shipping

Formnext Germany

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After making the rounds at Formnext 2021, AMUG 2022, and RAPID+TCT 2022, Sindoh subsidiary fabWeaver has begun shipping its type A530 3D printer to Europe and North America. The system is designed to be an office-friendly, yet industrial-grade system with ease-of-use, reliability, and accuracy in mind.

Created with prototype production in mind, the dual-nozzle A530 has a build volume of 310 x 310 x 310 mm (12.2 x 12.2 x 12.2 in) for large parts. Accuracy with a tolerance range of ±0.2mm/±0.2% is achieved in part through a steady ambient temperature of 75℃ and closed loop motor control, which prevents position errors.

The A530 features an Automatic Feeding System, with which it can draw material from four filament spools stored in an optional smartStation. This allows for non-stop printing, thus improving lead times. The front face of the printer is itself a display, with an ambient LED around the door to indicate the printer status through color for quick visual reference even from a distance. This is complemented with a 7-inch touch screen.

Priced starting at $5,999, the A530 seems to compete in a space with Ultimaker, which offers the 5S and now Method X from MakerBot at similar price points and with similar capabilities. Ultimaker has been somewhat stagnant for some time but could be revitalized with its MakerBot purchase. Meanwhile, the competition could be increasingly steep from the likes of Prusa, BCN3D, and, now, fabWeaver.

The fused filament fabrication brand is a subsidiary of Sindoh (KRX: 029530), the South Korean 2D printing firm that has steadily been increasing its stake in the additive world. With a market cap of about $240 million, the company has already released a number of machines under its own brand name and co-branded with other manufacturers. This has included the 3DFF-222 desktop 3D printer made with Mimaki, the RIZE 7XC desktop composite system, a masked stereolithography machine for the dental market, and an industrial selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer. This last machine is so far the only SLS system capable of using Materialise’s Bluesint technology, capable of using 100 percent recycled powder.

The A530 in its production facility.

With the backing of an established 2D printing leader, it’s possible that fabWeaver could take on the likes of Ultimaker. Its booths at the aforementioned events were quite large and hard to miss. The material set is currently somewhat limited (ABS, ASA, PVA, and PLA), but that makes sense if the manufacturer wants to make it as easy to use as possible. fabWeaver could then introduce new materials as it finds itself in the market. While it is a new name that may be unfamiliar to the market, the A530 seems to be a well-made machine capable of repeatable, high-quality prints.

“This 3D printer has uniqueness and distinction of its own, simply different from the other 3D printers that we have produced, we are looking forward to seeing the success of the type A530.” said Jae-hak Jeon, President of Sindoh VINA Co., Ltd.

It’s now shipping to customers in North America, so we’ll soon have a better idea of how it fairs. Perhaps its reputation will quickly grow and the legacy desktop firms will have a fight on their hands. For more information on placing order or finding a reseller in your location, visit fabWeaver.com or e-mail the company at sales@fabweaver.com.

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