3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: September 5, 2021


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Buckle up, it’s a busy week of webinars and events ahead! From oxygen content in titanium grades and 3D printed orthotics and prosthetics to saving money in the GrabCAD Shop and more, we’re covering a lot of topics in webinars and events, both virtual and in-person. Read on for all the details!

GE Additive: Variable Oxygen Content in Titanium Powder

First up this week is a webinar from GE Additive, titled “Not All Titanium Grades are Created Equal: Oxygen Content in Grade 5 and Grade 23 Powders,” at 10 am EST on Wednesday, September 8th. Jens Kroeger, a Materials & Additive Manufacturing Expert with the company, will explain how oxygen content can vary across the particle size distribution of titanium powder during handling, printing, and storage. Attendees will learn about different re-use strategies and recycling methods that can help bring the oxygen content back into specification ranges.

“The aerospace and the medical industries are both early adopters of additive manufacturing. The medical industry primarily uses Ti64 Grade 23/ELI (ASTM F3001), while the aerospace industry prefers Ti64 Grade 5 (ASTM F2924). The key differentiator between both grades is the oxygen content.”

You can register for the webinar here.

America Makes & AIM Higher Consortium: AM in Defense

Later that day, from 1-2 pm EST, America Makes and the AIM Higher Consortium are holding a webinar called “Additive Manufacturing – Mission Ready” about the use of AM in defense applications. Dr. Rob Carter and Dr. Kirk Rogers, both ADDvisors for The Barnes Global Advisors (TBGA), will join Catalyst Connection to discuss additive manufacturing (AM), the Department of Defense AM strategy and adoption approach, examples of the technology being used in industry and the DoD, how to assess your own company’s AM readiness, and more.

“Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a top priority for the DOD to as they aim to accelerate Mission Readiness through a robust and innovative supply chain.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Additive Manufacturing & Injection Molding with HP

If you’ve ever wondered about the pros and cons of using additive manufacturing vs. injection molding, you’ll want to join this HP-presented webinar by Plastics Technology at 2 pm on Wednesday the 8th, “Does Additive Manufacturing Replace or Complement Injection Molding?” Speaker David Pierick, who manages the WW Applications Engineers for HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, is a 30-year injection molding industry veteran, but switched to AM three years ago, and will explain why he made the decision during the webinar. He’ll bust some common myths, such as that AM is only used for prototyping and isn’t as cost-effective as injection molding, as well as share some use cases on how AM complements IM.

“Join this webinar presented by HP to find out why area-wide, powder-bed fusion AM has changed the rules of the game—it’s no longer just for prototyping.”

You can register for the webinar here.

formnext+PM South China

Kicking off a very busy Thursday, the inaugural edition of formnext+PM South China begins on September 9th at the newly-built Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center and runs through Saturday the 11th. This international exhibition, organized by Messe Frankfurt and UNIRIS Exhibition Service, is focused on additive manufacturing, advanced ceramics, and powder metallurgy, and promises to have more than 200 exhibitors and 10,000+ attendees from around the world.

“The fair will introduce a new sourcing experience to China’s manufacturing industry, covering an array of additive manufacturing solutions & materials, smart manufacturing technologies & equipment, powder metallurgy products, ceramic material & forming technologies, post processing solutions and more.”

Online registration for this event has closed, but you can still register in-person at the visitor registration counter by presenting your business card.

3D Systems on NoSupports Metal 3D Printing

At 5 am EST on the 9th, 3D Systems is hosting a webinar, called “NoSupports Metal Printing: Discover How to Get Highly Optimized Parts with Greater Design Freedom with Reduced Support Build Strategies.” Focusing on the latest advancements in support-less direct metal 3D printing, Application Development Engineer Michael Mann will discuss the historical challenge of minimum support angles and multi-exposure strategies, thermal blade strategies, 3DXpert software tools for parameter assignment and advanced segmentation, and more.

“Past methods for supporting metal additive manufactured (AM) parts have imposed limitations on part design. The increased complexity associated with removing supports has added cost and lead time to the process, and some parts and applications have even been disqualified from AM due to support-based issues.”

You can register for the webinar here.

TriMech Gives 3D Sketching Tips & Tricks

If you want to learn how to confidently create sweeps, lofts, and structural systems with 3D sketching, you’ll want to tune in to the “TriMech Tips & Tricks: 3D Sketches” webinar at 10 am EST on Thursday the 9th. The company’s Application Engineer Stephen Choi will talk about his favorite features on the 3D sketching tool, the differences between 2D and 3D sketches, how to create a weldment set or structure system by creating lines in a 3D sketch, and more.

“Traditionally when working with sketches, one of the axes is ignored to allow for a simpler method of creating feature profiles. However, when working in a three-dimensional space as opposed to traditional two-dimensional, your sketching may become difficult without the right knowledge or skills. Are you ready to learn some of the best tips and tricks for 3D sketching?”

You can register for the webinar here.

How to Save Money in GrabCAD Shop

Stratasys is holding a webinar at 11 am EST on the 9th called “Three Key Features in GrabCAD Shop That Will Save You Money.” Anirudh Krishnakumar, the Product Manager for Stratasys Software, is the speaker for this webinar, and will teach you the important features in the GrabCAD Shop that will save time and money for your company. Plus, at the end, a new Jobs feature will be introduced.

“Did you know that 3D printing operators and engineering managers waste 375 hours each year receiving and fulfilling print order requests? If that sounds familiar, join our webinar on September 9 to find out how GrabCAD Shop can save you time and $15,000 per year – while also improving your workflow!”

You can register for the webinar here.

3DHEALS on 3D Printed Orthotics & Prosthetics

The second 11 am EST webinar on the 9th will be held by 3DHEALS, “3D Printed Orthotics and Prosthetics,” which is one of the original AM applications for the healthcare industry. The speakers will be Samer Moussa, the Product Manager – Strategy & Incubation, 3D Printing for HP; Hargurdeep (Deep) Singh, VP of Advanced Manufacturing at CAD MicroSolutions Inc.; the 3DHEALS founder and CEO Dr. Jenny Chen; Jeffrey Chang, Senior Research And Development Engineer at Vorum; and Jonathan Borduas, the founder of Shapeshift 3D. These experts will discuss the current and future status of the industry.

“Over the years, the images of disabled children with colorful prosthetic limbs inspired impactful movements like the ENABLE community and Victoria Hand Project, as well as enumerable passionate innovators who have pushed the boundaries to increase accessibility and lower the cost of orthotics and prosthetics. However, the field of 3D printed orthotics and prosthetics has advanced significantly since the days of ENABLE hands. These advancements include not just hardware, materials, but also software, designs, 3D scanning, and lately completely digitalized workflow at the point of care, often leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. More importantly, technologists are now working more closely with clinicians to create a more efficient and more evidence-based patient-centered clinical solution.”

You can register for the webinar here. Breakout rooms will also be available for networking after the webinar presentations.

Materialise: Personalizing Pulmonary Interventions

Later that day on the 9th, at 12 pm EST, Materialise and Fluidda will bring you a webinar called “Making Pulmonary Interventions Truly Personalized: From Treatment Development to Patient Care,” all about how data-driven technologies, such as artificial intelligence and 3D planning tools, can help optimize respiratory treatment protocols and personalize treatments. Maarten Lanclus, PhD, Fluidda’s CTO, and Antoon Dierckx, Innovation Manager – Respiratory for Materialise, will discuss, among other topics, how to cost-effectively scale your treatment planning when moving from helping just one patient to millions more, and how advanced CT analysis techniques can help provide a deeper understanding of lung pathology and disease progression, and define and optimize treatment parameters for your device.

“Respiratory conditions can vary significantly from one patient to another. Therefore, when developing a new respiratory treatment, it is important to obtain a deep understanding of the pathology, and the effect that your treatment has on different patients. And after obtaining market clearance, clinicians must be able to define the most effective treatment plan for each individual patient.”

You can register for the webinar here.

3D Printing for Machine Builders

The final September 9th webinar will be held at 2 pm EST, called “Additive Manufacturing for Machine Builders 101.” Hosted by Machine Design and sponsored by HP, attendees will hear from Liz Stortstrom, HP 3D Printing Application Engineer, explain how AM can be applied to equipment and machinery, the latest industrial 3D printing advancements, and more, and also offer real-world examples of functional 3D printed mechanical components.

“Every day, more and more machine builders are turning to additive manufacturing to solve some of their toughest challenges. Machinery manufacturers are being asked to improve the performance of their machines or production line solutions by adding greater flexibility, improving lead times, or reducing the cost of developing, operating, and maintaining their machinery. Machine builders can reduce costs and lead times for new product development and process optimization by using additive manufacturing to produce customized solutions both faster and cheaper than traditional manufacturing methods. The design freedom offered by additive manufacturing also allows for significant part consolidation and BOM simplification that can improve both the safety and ergonomics for the assembler or machine operator. Lastly, 3D printing spare parts can improve cashflow by producing parts on demand and reducing inventory costs.”

You can register for the webinar here.

ASTM’s AMCOE Snapshot Workshop

Moving on to Friday, September 10th, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm EST, ASTM International’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AMCOE) will hold its 6th Snapshot Workshop, in conjunction with ISO TC261 and ASTM’s F42 Committee. The theme of this virtual event is Achieving Quality in AM Value Chain, and 14 AM leaders will discuss how to achieve quality at different stages in the AM value chain and drive the technology’s industrialization. Panel discussions and interactive presentations will focus on design, materials, post-processing, testing, inspection, and more.

“This one-day virtual workshop will offer the attendees an opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements concerning the quality aspects in the AM value chain. This Snapshot Workshop covers the key topics demonstrating the concepts in achieving quality at different stages of the AM value chain that drive AM industrialization across multiple industry sectors.”

You can register for the workshop here.

Materialise for CSI Frankfurt

The final webinar of the week will be at 10 am EST, as Materialise presents another virtual session for CSI Frankfurt 2021 focused on the use of 3D-CT planning with Mimics Enlight software and how it can benefit TMVR (transcatheter mitral valve replacement) and LAAO (left atrial appendage occlusion) cardiac interventions. Simon Lam with the Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong and Matthew Price, from the Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, will moderate the session, “LAA Closure: Pre-Procedural Planning and Imaging,” about how using advanced 3D simulation, modeling, and printing can help improve the outcome of LAAO procedures.

“In this LAA closure session, discover how state-of-the-art 3D-CT planning can provide enhanced 3D insights and how its use of AI offers consistent and efficient planning. 3D-CT planning helps clinicians such as Dr. DeeDee Wang (Henry Ford Health System, US) select their treatment strategy based on the additional insights they acquired.”

You can register for this virtual session here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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