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Nanofabrica & Micro-3D Printing System Rebranded After Nano Dimension Acquisition

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Israeli company Nano Dimension (Nasdaq: NNDM) has long been considered a leader in Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) and Printed Electronics (PE) manufacturing, working to speed its growth in the AM industry with new distribution partnerships, additional Customer Experience Centers, and just a few weeks ago announced a joint venture with Hensoldt AG to advance 3D electronics printing designs. But of course, the company’s really big news this year was its recent acquisition of Nanofabrica, also based in Israel. The micro-AM technology startup has now completed its rebranding following the acquisition, and has been officially renamed.

Nanofabrica is now known as Nano Dimension’s Fabrica Group, while its Tera 250 micro AM system has become the Fabrica 2.0 3D Additive Micro Manufacturing Machine. Consequently, this now allows Nano Dimension to expand its reach beyond just AME.

“Fabrica Group & Fabrica 2.0 Machine’ branding indicates our expanded focus on any fault-tolerant AM fabrication not solely AM-Electronics,” Yoav Stern, CEO and Chairman of Nano Dimension, explained in a press release. “Moreover, Fabrica Group’s upcoming generations of machines are planned to be equipped with our unique patented Deep Learning/Machine learning for neural-fabrication-network, enabling smart real-time self-correcting manufacturing. Our customer base is expanded with Fabrica’s solutions, while our positioning is gradually shifting toward leveraging our Deep Cube Intelligence Technology in 3D AM manufacturing across the board, which means we now own an unparalleled competitive edge with very high barriers to entry.”

The Fabrica Group and its micro-AM technology was going places already, raising $4 million in funding last year and hiring 3D printing luminary Avi Cohen as its Executive Vice President of Sales. Since commercializing its Fabrica 2.0 printer and being acquired by Nano Dimension, its future looks even brighter as it continues to set its micro 3D printing up as a solid substitute for more traditional micro plastic fabrication technologies.

“The acquisition by Nano Dimension allows Fabrica to accelerate its commercialization. The Fabrica 2.0 machine is appropriate for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in all industry sectors that are looking to manufacture small parts or larger parts with micron level accuracy. The opportunities we are facing are vast. With Nano Dimension’s support and geographical wingspan, we are accelerating our sales efforts toward the goal of introducing our technology to all relevant vertical markets across all geographies,” said Jon Donner, General Manager and Head of Fabrica’s sales team. “Nano Dimension has a high profile in the AM sector, and rebranding our micro-AM technology as the ‘Fabrica 2.0 machine’ emphasizes the fact that we are pragmatically focused on opportunities for ‘micro-fabrica-ting’ parts and components using 3D-AM as an alternative to traditional technologies.”

The Fabrica 2.0 can be used for a variety of applications, such as making medical components like micro syringes, micro valves, and surgical devices, and fabricating casings for micro sensors, micro springs, micro actuators, and micro electronics; the system is also a good fit for microfluidics, semiconductors, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), and life sciences. The microscale 3D printing system is also more flexible than other conventional forms of manufacturing, and can achieve parts with complex micro geometries at no extra cost. Plus, because no tooling is required, it doesn’t cost as much to change designs, which means that companies in the micro manufacturing sector can potentially enjoy mass customization in 3D printing.

Acquisitions like this one will be just one of the topics discussed during the SmarTech – Stifel AM Investment Strategies 2021 online summit, coming up on September 9, 2021—the week before RAPID + TCT 2021. Over the course of the three-hour virtual event, several industry leaders will be taking a deep dive into the investment environment of the 3D printing industry in two separate sessions, covering topics such as mergers and acquisitions in the public and private markets, venture and private equity, investing in the public market, and more. You can register for the free AM Investment Strategies summit here.

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