3D Printing Webinar and Virtual Event Roundup: April 17, 2021


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From automotive 3D printing stars and SLS 3D printing to combining 3D scans and more, this week we’re covering an array of different topics in our 3D Printing Webinar and Virtual Event Roundup. Read on for all the details!

Wi3DP: Meet the (Automotive) Stars of 3D Printing

As we told you earlier this week, Women in 3D Printing (Wi3DP)’s youth initiative subsidiary Next Gen is hosting “Meet the Stars of 3D Printing: Automotive Edition,” on Tuesday, April 20th from 7-9 pm EST, and will explore how students and young professionals interested in AM can build a successful career in the automotive industry. Maddie Frank, Wi3DP Next Gen Leader, will be moderating the panel, which will be joined by two special guests: Girls Gang Garage founder and co-owner Bogi Lateiner and Shawnda Williams, the other co-founder of Girls Gang Garage, and head of its Creative Business Strategy & Retail Operations. The expert 3D printing panelists will be: Allyson Abel, Applications Engineer for Stratasys; Taylor Doty, Senior Additive Manufacturing Production Manager at Divergent; Malini Dusey, Additive Manufacturing at General Motors; and Kadie Hartman, Performance Engineer at Ford.

“Have you ever wondered what it takes to build 3D printing parts for cars? Whether it be for prototyping, tooling, or refurbishing – there are many interesting opportunities to explore! Join us with 3D Printing automotive experts from General MotorsFordDivergent & Stratasys. We’ll also be joined by talk show hosts Bogi & Shawnda from Girls Gang Garage!”

You can register for the virtual event here.

Dyndrite Developer Conference 2021

Sponsored by HP and NVIDIA, the Dyndrite Developer Conference 2021 (DDC2021) is the leading online developer event for next-generation, production-oriented, AM hardware and software solutions. The virtual event is on April 20th and 21st this week, and will focus on the future of additive, helping attendees understand which innovations and evolutions are significant. Dyndrite CEO Harshil Goel will deliver the first keynote, focused on major plans and announcements in terms of where Dyndrite is heading over the next year, and additional keynotes by SLM Solutions CEO Sam O’Leary and HP’s Senior Director, Head of Software Product and Strategy, Digital Manufacturing, Anthony Graves, will be presented on achieving the true potential of AM and Cobra MOTO’s AM journey, respectively. Attendees will also get to hear from a variety of presenting companies, including ANSYS, Essentium, ExOne, Impossible Objects, Xaar, and more.

“We believe, going forward, that 2021 will be regarded as the year that changed everything. Why? Faster machines, better materials, and it will be the year when software became the first class enabler to additive productivity that it should be.”

You can register for the online conference here.

Ultimaker Holds Transformation Summit

Ultimaker will be holding its virtual Transformation Summit this week, from April 20th-23rd, and offer the experts, ecosystem partners, and customers shaping the AM industry the chance to discuss how 3D printing is changing. The company’s new CEO, Jürgen von Hollen, will share his vision for the Ultimaker ecosystem, and attendees will get to hear updates on new solutions that will soon be launched, explore a virtual showroom, and speak directly to members of the Ultimaker team through a live chat function.

“Register now for the Ultimaker Transformation Summit and be inspired by the industry leaders using 3D printing to increase their competitive advantage.

“Learn from those making it happen, and free your creativity to unleash the magic of open innovation and collaboration.”

You can register for the summit here.

Sinterit’s Deep Dive into SLS 3D Printing

Poland-based Sinterit, a leader in desktop selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, is holding another one of its popular webinars about compact SLS 3D printing setup, called “What do I really need to get into SLS 3D printing?” The hour-long webinar will begin at 3 am EST on Wednesday, the 21st, and will feature several Sinterit employees discussing all things SLS, from how the technology works and if you really need it, to how detailed prints should be and how many materials are needed, and how the SLS sector looked pre-Sinterit. Some Sinterit example sets will also be shared, and there will also be a question and answer session as well.

Our SLS 3D printing solution can be tailored for everyone who needs this technology. You can have a sophisticated system for very fast workflow or a basic solution that consists of a Lisa printer, powder sieve, and basic tools if that fits your needs. From this webinar, you’ll learn what to take into account while choosing an SLS set for you.”

You can register for the webinar here.

GE Additive Turns Metal AM Failures into Positive Experiences

At 10 am EST on the 21st, GE Additive is holding its latest webinar, “Turning Metal Additive Build Failures into Positive Learning Experiences.” Dave Bartosik, an Advanced Lead Manufacturing Engineer with GE Additive, has had plenty of metal 3D printing failures, and will share some of his experiences with attendees, explaining how he turned those negative experiences into positive ones so that he could learn to avoid similar failures from occurring in the future. Topics covered include different types of build failures, the values that can be learned from them, and methods to prevent them from happening again.

“Build failures happen to all additive users, regardless of experience level. They are unavoidable pitfalls in an additive journey and often provide valuable learning experiences. A number of factors can contribute to build failures. Once you understand the reasons behind these events, you can adjust your processes and implement procedures to avoid similar failures from occurring.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Live Virtual Tour of HP’s 3D Printing Demo Center

HP is offering a live virtual tour of its 3D Printing Demo Center in Palo Alto, California this Wednesday the 21st at 12 pm EST. The 90-minute tour will focus on 3D printed end of arm tooling (EOAT), and how HP’s MJF technology can enable new opportunities in the automation and robotics industries. Attendees will receive an overview of the Multi Jet Fusion process and have the chance to ask questions, and will also get an overview of HP’s 3D printing workflow and hardware portfolio, see some robotic EOAT case studies and sample parts, and more.

“Join us on this session to learn about how HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology can help produce lightweight end-of-arm tooling with substantial time and cost savings while optimizing the performance of the entire workflow. Discover how the HP 3D Printing End-to-End Process works, from design, file preparation to post processing and how it can be applicable to your business with real examples from the industry.”

You can register for the live virtual tour here.

ASTM: Suitability of Parts for Additive Manufacturing

From 10-11 am EST on Thursday, April 22nd, ASTM International’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE) is holding a webinar, “Determining the Suitability of Parts for Additive Manufacturing,” that will give attendees a better idea of how to determine when 3D printing should, and should not, be used for fabricating parts. John Slotwinski, a Senior National Security Analyst at John Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) and AM subject matter expert, will describe a framework developed at the laboratory that helps with this determination, and demonstrate its use on several example parts. Attendees will learn some of the important legal and policy considerations, technical considerations for AM suitability for parts, and how to develop a similar internal framework for their own organizations.

“Determining the suitability of parts for AM processes is sometimes challenging, especially for those who are new to the AM technologies. Selecting a suitable part or a part family is the first step towards integrating additive manufacturing into an existing manufacturing ecosystem or adapting AM as a new business. Appropriate selection of parts is crucial to demonstrate a successful and sustainable business case. Different factors need to be considered in selecting parts that are feasible to be produced using AM technology. Currently, these considerations are not based on accepted standards or methodologies, and instead are often based on individual judgments derived from personal experiences.”

You can register for the webinar here. The registration fee is $49.

Thor3D on Combining 3D Scans into One 3D Model

Also on the 22nd, Thor3D will be holding two webinar sessions on its YouTube channel, called “The Secrets of Combining Scans.” The first session will be held at 4 am EST, and the second will be at 11 am EST. As the company’s Marketing Manager Victoria Kudryakova told me, the webinar will go over how to combine data captured with the Calibry and Calibry Mini 3D scanners into a single 3D model, as well as how to combine scans taken in different scanning modes into, again, a single model.

“Combining scans is a useful tool worth mastering when users need to get hi-res model,” Kudryakova explained. “For example, this statue was scanned with Calibry scanner and the details were captured by Calibry Mini. After the webinar the users will easily get models like that!”

On April 22nd, Thor3D will publish links to the scheduled webinars on its Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts, so they’ll be easily accessible.

Xometry’s Deep Dive into SLS 3D Printing

Sinterit isn’t the only company discussing SLS 3D printing this week. The last webinar in our roundup will be given by Xometry at 1 pm EST on Thursday the 22nd, titled “A Deep Dive into SLS 3D Printing and Our New High-Performance Materials.” Xometry’s Director of Application Engineering, Greg Paulsen, will host the webinar live with two Stratasys experts: Head Additive Shop Engineer Lewis Simms, and Kevin Sheehy, Manufacturing Engineer. Together, these three AM experts will discuss the important highlights of how to make functional, yet beautiful custom parts using SLS technology.

“SLS is one of the most widely used industrial additive manufacturing processes on the planet with incredible output and high-performance parts. In this webinar, we’ll break down the process, walk through SLS design strategies, and highlight the benefits of using SLS materials for prototyping, product development, and 3D printed production. We’ll also introduce you to our new high-performance materials: Nylon 11, Nylon 12 AF (aluminum-filled), Nylon 12 HST (mineral-filled), and Nylon 12 CF (carbon-filled).”

You can register for the event here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual events? Please let us know!

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