3D Printing Webinar and Virtual Event Roundup: November 29, 2020

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While there are no more webinars for the month of November, we have plenty coming up this week when it switches to December. Topics including 3D software updates, cloud-based solutions, 3D printed medical applications, CAD/CAM automation, and more. Read on for all the details!

Materialise Think-In: What’s New in Magics 25

Materialise recently held a Think-In Launch Event, where company executives announced some new software and hardware solutions, such as an e-commerce Materialise Storefront and Materialise Process Tuner software. Another announcement was about the latest features in Materialise Magics software, but if you missed the launch event, never fear: the Think-In Series continues this week with webinars focused entirely on Magics 25.

Two “What’s New in Magics 25” webinars will be held on Tuesday, December 1st, one in English and one in German. You can register for one of these webinars here.

Covestro Talks Biomass and Circular Economy

Global polymer company Covestro hopes to be a pioneer in raw materials, such as biomass, that can help ensure the future of the planet. On December 1st, from 7-8 am EST, the company will be holding an interactive live webcast to discuss current developments and future perspectives for biomass use. Biomass expert Professor Henk Noorman, from the Technical University and DSM Biotechnology Center in Delft, along with Covestro’s Dr. Christian Haessler, head of the global Circular Economy program, and Dr. Vera Eßmann, company expert for renewable resources, will discuss how Covestro and its partners use renewable resources and open new sources for raw materials in international R&D projects.

“The circular economy must become the guiding principle to lead the world into a truly sustainable future. The plastics industry makes indispensable contributions to this. Alternative raw materials, above all biomass from plants and trees, will play a key role in the future: As renewable sources of carbon, they reduce dependence on oil and thus also the CO2 footprint.”

You can register for the webcast here.

3DEXPERIENCE WORKS: Cloud-Based Solutions for Design

Also on Tuesday the 1st, at 11 am EST, Dassault Systèmes is holding a webinar called “3DEXPERIENCE WORKS – Cloud-Based Design,” which is meant to introduce the design tools that will help users create ideas by simplifying and expediting difficult modeling tasks with the design data stored in the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud. Attendees will learn how to easily and accurately create complex shapes for industrial and mechanical design, develop sheet metal components, offload rendering tasks to the cloud, and more.

“Today more than ever, companies realize that while teams are geographically dispersed, the show must go on, and product development is no exception. The ability to collaborate with key stakeholders—now likely working remotely—remains key to bringing innovative products to life. The design solutions in the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS portfolio help engineers and designers to easily create and share designs on the cloud, allowing key stakeholders to provide feedback throughout the product development process.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Introduction to Polygonica Webinar

Polygonica, a component software library for advanced polygon meshes from MachineWorks, is used by companies in multiple industrial markets to solve their difficult 2D and 3D geometrical problems. Some of its main functions include Booleans, data reduction, defeaturing, healing, mesh analysis and remeshing, point-cloud manipulation, offsetting, and more. This week on December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, Polygonica is holding a webinar that will provide a brief introduction to its main functions, and how they can be used in multiple industries.

“The Polygonica engine is integrated into software products from over 40 major OEMs including AECOM, ANSYS, Synopsys Simpleware, 3D Systems, Stratasys, Renishaw, EnvisionTEC, Desktop Metal, Zortrax, Convergent Science, Assemble Systems, Diota, Open Mind, Heidenhain and Mecsoft, in a wide range of industries including CAD/CAM/CAE and AM, BIM/construction/civil, geotechnical/mining, dental/medical, electronics and data preparation for VR/AR/XR.”

The Tuesday webinar takes place from 3-4 am EST, while the Wednesday session is from 5-6 am EST. The webinar on Thursday, December 3rd goes from 12-1 pm EST.

Additive Manufacturing European Conference 2020

This year’s edition of the Additive Manufacturing European Conference (AMEC) by CECIMO will be held online from 5-6:30 am, EST, on December 2nd. The event will be shining the spotlight on how combining AM solutions with digital supply chains can be beneficial, and senior industrialists, as well as Members of the European Parliament, will speak with a diverse audience about the future of additive manufacturing, and how it represents a more mature solution to building strong supply chains in Europe.

“The rapid growth in innovation and the steady rise of on-demand production are leading to important developments in the digital supply chain. The recent COVID-19 health crisis has revealed that traditional supply chains can suffer sudden changes in the scale of the demand. Particularly in this difficult time, it is essential to allow critical sectors such as healthcare, energy and telecommunications to adopt quick and efficient on-demand solutions that would reduce the risks of supply chain disruptions.”

You can register for AMEC 2020 here.

Remote Manufacturing with CAD/CAM Automation

Also on December 2nd, Modern Machine Shop is hosting a webinar, “Using CAD/CAM automation to enable remote manufacturing,” at 2 pm EST. Attendees will learn how they can use CAMWorks to increase their efficiency, reduce disruptions, and how to use solutions for smart manufacturing, automation, and remote/distance manufacturing to change up the landscape of the industry. Marc Bissell, Senior Applications Specialist for HCL America, has spent over three decades working in the CAD/CAM and manufacturing industries, and will present this webinar.

“The current COVID-19 environment has disrupted organizations throughout the world and is changing the landscape of manufacturing. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), 80% of manufacturers expect that the pandemic will have financial impact on their business. CAMWorks has several tools to help you stay competitive and productive. Whether your teams are working from the same location or working remotely, CAMWorks provides the collaboration and automation tools to keep production running at full capacity.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Exactech’s Active Intelligence Technologies for Surgeons

Orthopedic implant device maker Exactech is holding a webinar on Thursday, December 3rd, from 8-9 pm EST, entitled “Mankind vs. Machine: Smart Solutions to Augment Today’s Joint Surgeon.” A group of knee and shoulder replacement surgeons—Joseph Zuckerman, MD; Ryan Simovitch, MD; Moby Parsons, MD; Richard Jones, MD; and James Huddleston, MD—will join together as panelists during the presentation to discuss how to use Exactech’s Active Intelligence to find solutions to joint reconstruction.

“Exactech is defining a new future that connects surgeons and patients with smart solutions throughout the journey of care. Personalized to each surgeon, patient and procedure, Active Intelligence® is a powerful suite of technologies to help surgeons engage with patients and peers, predict outcomes and optimize performance in the operating room.”

You can register for this webinar here.

3D Systems Webinar on Design Freedom

The final webinar this week, also held on Thursday the 3rd, is by 3D Systems, featuring Node Audio, and called “Using Design Freedom to Inspire New Products.” Industrial designers David Evans and Ashley May, who co-founded Node Audio, will discuss how using SLS 3D printing technology helped them create a successful business and was the only viable way to create and launch their critically acclaimed HYLIXA loudspeaker. Topics in the webinar, which will begin at 10:30 am EST, include material selection criteria, how the product concept was identified, product development and post-processing, and more.

Additive manufacturing offers a fresh start to designers. Unlike other manufacturing techniques with specific rules around what can and cannot be done, additive manufacturing opens up a world of opportunities. Finding those opportunities is the task of innovators who want to elevate the performance and sophistication of the products around us and introduce new ones. Node Audio is one such innovator using the capabilities of AM to both develop and produce the SLS 3D printed HYLIXA loudspeaker.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual events? Please let us know!

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