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3D Printing Webinar and Virtual Event Roundup, September 6, 2020

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The first virtual offering we’re telling you about is Anisoprint’s new Composites Talks, taking place on September 7th. On September 9th, DyeMansion will host a webinar about VaporFuse Surfacing for Multi Jet Fusion 3D printed parts, and IDC will discuss 3D printing leaders in India with Stratasys. On September 10th, CATI will be taking a deep dive into Desktop Metal’s 3D printers, and finally, on the 11th, ASTM International’s AMCoE will hold its 4th Snapshot Workshop on AM Industrialization and Automation. That’s it for this week’s roundup!

Anisoprint’s New Composites Talks

Anisoprint, which takes a science-based approach to continuous fiber 3D printing with its anisoprinting technology, is introducing a new virtual event called “Composites Talks.” On Monday, September 7th, the company’s CEO, Fedor Antonov, will discuss composites manufacturing and composite 3D printing technologies, as well as thoughts on any future developments, with guest Zafer Gürdal, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Head of McNair Center for Composite Materials and Structures at University of South Carolina, who participated in the development of anisoprinting. Gürdal and Antonov will also be answering questions from attendees during their talk.

The “Composites Talks” webinar will take place at 11 am EST on Monday, September 7th, which is Labor Day here in the United States. You can register for the event here.

DyeMansion on VaporFuse Surfacing MJF 3D Printed Parts

Wednesday, September 9th, DyeMansion will be holding a webinar, co-hosted by partner CAD Microsolution, on “VaporFuse Surfacing: The green & industrial solution for improved part properties I For Multi Jet Fusion parts.” After an introduction of its Print-to-Product Workflow, DyeMansion will introduce HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology, and then discuss how its proprietary VaporFuse Surfacing, a green, industrial chemical smoothing solution, can be used to improve part properties, and for which kind of applications it can be used. At the end, experts from both DyeMansion and CAD Microsolutions will participate in a live Q&A session with attendees.

“In this webinar you will learn everything about the system, the process, possible fields of applications and why VaporFuse is a green solution that is ready for the future of production. We underline those facts with tests that show an impressive improvement of Multi Jet Fusion parts. From airtightness & a reduced roughness of over 80% to minimized bacteria growth and increased durability of parts.”

The webinar will take place at 5 pm on the 9th, and you can register here.

IDC and Stratasys on 3D Printing in India

Also on the 9th, IDC Manufacturing Insights, one of the market’s leading IT research advisory firms, and Stratasys will be holding an exclusive webcast together, “Industry Leaders shape the Future with 3D Printing in India,” with a sub-heading of “Technology Innovation for Driving Organizational Agility.” IDC predicts that 20% of manufacturers will be combining generative design and additive manufacturing by the year 2024 to compress cycle times in half. This webinar will look at how 3D printing can be an opportunity to help meet important customer needs, as well as offset material availability challenges. Panelists for this webinar will be Dr. N Saravanan, CTO for Ashok Leyland; Navid Talib San, the Manufacturing Operations Head of Honda Cars India Ltd.; Amit Jain, CEO and Executive Director, UNO MINDA, NK Minda Group; Rajiv Bajaj, the Managing Director of Stratasys India; and Stephanie Krishnan, IDC’s Research Director.

“Please join us as we discuss with industry leaders how 3D Printing technology can address current and future design and operational challenges. We will discuss this while providing an overview of technology adoption within Indian with a specific focus on automotive and industrial products.”

The webinar will last from 3:30-4:30 pm on the 9th, and will end with a Q&A session. You can register here.

CATI Exploring Desktop Metal’s Studio & Shop 3D Printers

On Thursday, September 10th, Computer Aided Technology (CATI) will hold a webcast titled “Discover which Metal 3D Printer is Right for YOU.” From 11:30 am until noon (EST), the company will be taking a deep dive into two 3D printers from Desktop Metal, the Studio System and the Shop System (pictured above), about how the printers can help increase new opportunities and efficiency for your business.

“Are you thinking about making the move to a metal 3D printer but have lots of questions about which one is right for you and your projects?

“We will discuss the benefits of incorporating metal 3D printing into your facility and learn how the technology works.”

Register for the webinar here.

4th Snapshot Workshop on AM Industrialization and Automation

ASTM International’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE) is hosting a virtual workshop on Friday, September 11th, from 9 am to 3 pm EST, its “4th Snapshot Workshop on AM Industrialization and Automation.” The speakers who will present and sit on panels during the workshop include industry experts from Siemens Energy, nTopology, Autodesk, HP, EOS, and GE, to name a few, and they will discuss important topics which drive the industrialization of additive manufacturing, along with current practices that have been adopted by some major organizations that implement the technology.

“The topics in the workshop covers, Advanced materials,  Multi-laser processing, In-situ process monitoring & control, Process simulation, AM Automation, and Industry 4.0 (AM Data Management, Machine learning). The workshop also covers gaps in AM standardization and certification in driving AM industrialization, and the research initiatives from AM CoE partners to keep abreast with the technology advancements.”

Participants will earn a Verification of Completion Certificate from the AM CoE for attending this virtual workshop. You can register here.

Will you attend any of these events and webinars, or have news to share about future ones? Let us know! 

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