3D Printing News Briefs: May 1, 2018

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Several partnerships are in the works as we kick of the month’s first edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, in addition to a bit of other business news. Yewno and Nasdaq have teamed up to create new indexes and research strategies, while 3DX Industries has been 3D printing parts for Alaska General Seafoods. Sintavia has received NADCAP approval. FCT NOVA and Innovnano are working together to 3D print synthetic bone material, and Additive International is partnering with Innovate UK for a new pre-conference event. Finally, EnvisionTEC and EasyRx have integrated their software.

Yewno and Nasdaq Partner to Create New Indexes and Research Strategies

Yewno, Inc., a leading provider of AI-driven knowledge discovery solutions, has partnered with Nasdaq to create new indexes and research strategies driven by Yewno’s core AI technology and data packages. Nasdaq will run and calculate the indexes in real time and productize them for use as Exchange Traded Funds or Structured Products. The first set of indexes, which was launched earlier this week, captures 35 emerging technologies including blockchain, 3D printing, satellites, solar power and electric vehicles.

The initial set of indexes are the Nasdaq Yewno Global Disruptive Technology Benchmark Index and the Nasdaq Yewno Global Innovative Technologies Index Family.

“Emerging and disruptive technologies have developed into a powerful force in the modern economy, driving change at a rapid pace,” said Dave Gedeon, Vice President and Head of Product Development and Research for Nasdaq Global Indexes. “Partnering with Yewno in creating new indexes will enhance benchmarking and classification of companies engaged in emerging and disruptive technologies across all industries.”

Yewno and Nasdaq are also collaborating on the distribution of Yewno’s alternative data through Nasdaq’s Analytics Hub. Nasdaq will be launching the Yewno Alpha Matrix and Emerging Technology products suites to the Hub in the second quarter.

Sintavia Receives NADCAP Approval

Metal additive manufacturing company Sintavia has received National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) approval for its laser and electron beam powder bed fusion applications. The quality certification resulted from a year-long application process.

“As the only Tier One additive manufacturer with NADCAP, AS9100 Rev. D, and ISO 17025 accreditations, we are understandably proud of this major quality achievement,” said Sintavia President Doug Hedges. “Sintavia has long differentiated itself with aerospace OEMs through its vertically aligned aerospace quality system. Our customers know that we offer high quality, cost-effective metal AM production, and the NADCAP accreditation is an outstanding third-party validation of this.”

Sintavia plans to pursue other NADCAP certifications in the upcoming months for its other in-house capabilities, including heat treatment, machining, and non-destructive testing.

3DX Industries 3D Prints Parts for Alaska General Seafoods

3DX Industries has been 3D printing parts for Alaska General Seafoods using its binder jet process, which requires no post machining. This week 3DX announced that the parts have been performing excellently. Currently being used in Alaska General Seafoods’ Alaska facility, the components were designed as OEM replacement parts for the seafood canning line.

“We are very pleased with how these parts have performed during our production seasons,” said Karry Lattig of Alaska General Seafoods. “They were in a high contact/high use section of our production line, and they performed beyond what we expected they would. After 2 full seasons under extreme conditions, there is virtually no wear on these parts, which in comparison to the original parts we were using is nothing short of exceptional. There has been no shut down required to remove and replace worn parts using the metal printed parts from 3DX which has not only saved us time, but costs as well. We will continue to use 3DX Industries to supply us with new and replacement parts for our facilities as needed throughout the coming seasons.”

FCT NOVA and Innovnano Partner to Develop 3D Printed Synthetic Bone Material

The Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT NOVA), a leading Portuguese science and engineering institution, has partnered with Innovnano, manufacturer of nanostructured ceramic powders, to develop a simple, low-cost 3D printing process capable of producing synthetic bone material for orthopedic implants. Innovnano, which has expansive experience in the production of nanostructured zirconia powders using its unique Emulsion Detonation Synthesis (EDS) process, will focus on the synthesis of new zirconia-based composite materials.

FCT NOVA will then work with Innovnano to optimize the particle shape to produce the best compromise between porosity and mechanical resistance, and also on in vitro and in vivo studies to determine biocompatibility.

“We are looking forward to working with the team at FCT NOVA and are hopeful that this will eventually lead to a significant development in orthopaedic medicine,” said Innovnano CEO André de Albuquerque. “In addition to this research into biomedical applications, the project will also help us understand how the technology can be applied in other industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and robotics.”

Additive International Teams with Innovate UK for Pre-Conference Event

Additive International, formerly known as the International Conference on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, will be taking place in Nottingham this year on July 11th and 12th. This year, Additive International has teamed with Innovate UK for a pre-conference event to take place on July 10th. The event is themed “Business Innovation in Additive Manufacturing” and will bring together about 40 teams working on Innovate UK-funded additive manufacturing projects.

The event will provide a platform to showcase new business-focused research and innovations in additive manufacturing, as well as for the teams to share best practices, ideas and gain support from their peers and industry experts. Each team will be invited to deliver a two-minute pitch providing an overview of its project and results so far. A select group of candidates will also give more in-depth presentations about the challenges, business applications and expected benefits of additive manufacturing technology in line with their project objectives. 

“Since we awarded their funding last year, our project teams have been working hard on their AM projects, but have had little time to interact or learn from each other – or the wider community,” said Robin Wilson, Innovation Lead at Innovate UK. “Teaming up with Additive International provides the perfect forum for our project teams to take a step back and be part of something bigger – to network, debate with and learn from AM experts across industry and academia.”

The pre-conference day will finish with an update on the UK’s additive manufacturing strategy, given by Paul Unwin, Co-Chair of the Strategy Steering Group of Additive Manufacturing UK.

EnvisionTEC and EasyRx Integrate Software for a Single Solution

EnvisionTEC has announced the integration of its software with that of EasyRx, a developer of orthodontic prescription software. EasyRx allows users to submit, manage and track orthodontic lab prescriptions, including preparing and labeling them for 3D printing. Now EasyRx users can easily launch an STL file in EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory software by clicking the EnvisionTEC logo within EasyRx.

“We are very excited to add this integration with EnvisionTEC, which offers a tremendous line of 3D printers for the dental and dental specialty market,” said Todd Blankenbecler, President and CEO of EasyRx. “More and more practices and labs are implementing EnvisionTEC for 3D printing. Additionally, this integration is critical to our strategy to integrate EasyRx into the digital workflow of practice or labs.”

You can learn more about how to enable the integration of EnvisionTEC within EasyRx here.

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