3DPrint.com to Offer Online Training Courses in 3D Printing


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3dprintcom-logo-squareAs the 3D printing industry around the world continues its march forward, cementing major steps in this well-heralded next industrial revolution, vast changes are coming through every aspect of the overall global manufacturing scene. We are seeing sea changes in not only how products and prototypes are manufactured, but in who is doing the making. Makers hold a significant place in the additive manufacturing revolution, as a critical component of both its genesis and its future. In aspiring to provide the best resources to our readers, the team here at 3DPrint.com is now coming together with a new offering for our ever-expanding platform, enhancing our educational offerings to now include training courses.

When we began offering webcasts earlier this year, we realized we were touching on a need that needs to be filled. Education is the key to embracing change, particularly in these fast-moving technological times, and hearing directly from participants in the industry offers participants a direct channel to inside information. To date, we have offered webinars on 3D body imaging with Body Labs, choosing the right 3D printing technology with Formlabs, and designing for metal 3D printing with Proto Labs, and have seen a great growth in audience for each, showing us that our readers are engaged and interested in learning more about the various aspects of this industry, particularly learning that comes directly from those deeply entrenched in its daily operations.

We will now be extending educational opportunities to include the first well-organized online training led by professionals in the 3D printing industry, offering courses designed with particular interests in mind — complete with certifications for students who successfully complete each 4-6 week course. Students will be able to attend classes live, interacting with other students between classes as well to keep the conversation going. Any classes missed due to scheduling will be available online to keep current with coursework. 3DPrint.com intends to offer up to four new courses every month, and will re-offer popular courses throughout the year. Course pricing will be announced closer to launch.


[Photo: DUS Architects]

Course features are set to include:

  • Keynotes and case studies from leading individuals in 3D printing, presented live via webcast with interactive Q&A so you can join the conversation. (Recordings available if you miss the live session.)
  • Assignments, challenges and prompts, with personalized feedback from a coach working with you and a small group of peers
  • Connections with ongoing discussion in the online classroom to meet like-minded people, find potential collaborators, crowdsource ideas, and learn from other people’s experiences

To ensure that we’re offering what you want to know, we are now conducting a brief (one-question!) survey here to see what topics you want to see us cover. What would interest you? Speak up, let us know, and enroll once we get the courses customized for our readers’ interests!

cranio printingCourses currently under consideration include:

  • Beginner Design for 3D Printing
    • No experience required. Learn the basics of CAD and the design rules for 3D printing. This course will cover the full design process, from conception to final prototype. By the end of the course, you will receive a complimentary 3D print of your design!
  • Advanced Design for 3D Printing
    • Do you already have experience as a maker, designer or engineer with traditional design tools? Come join us to learn about advanced design techniques like parametric modeling and topographical optimization that can only be used with 3D printing.
  • Reducing Product Lifecycle with 3D Printing
    • Targeted for design professionals or product managers, this course will give best practices from making the most out of a 3D printer in the office. Topics include fit testing, structural prototyping, internal evangelism, early customer feedback, and techniques for rapid design iteration.
  • Benefits of 3D Printing in Prototyping
    • Discussion and lessons on how and why 3D printing is more beneficial than traditional means in creating product prototypes.  We will touch on use cases as well as explain the cost savings and ease of use associated with 3D printing prototypes compared to more traditional means.
  • From Prototyping to Finished Good Production
    • Start making the first steps in moving beyond prototyping. Topics include identifying opportunities to use 3D printing, evaluating COGS implications, and creating an R&D plan to make it happen
  • Design and 3D Print: From Start to Finish
    • We will use CAD software to design a product for 3D printing from the ground up, and then actually have that design 3D printed (Shapeways? Sculpteo? etc.?).  All students will receive their 3D printed design at the end of the course.
  • 3D Printing with Metal

And of course we’re open to suggestions as well! Please fill in a line with any other topics that may interest you if you don’t see your area of interest among these initial choices!

SeeMeCNC Orion Delta 3D Printer at Inside 3D Printing ConferenceCourses will be designed with you in mind, so let us know what you’re interested in! 3D printing for business? Rapid prototyping? Final product? Hobby creations? Gaming? Metal? Design? Introductory? Advanced? We’ll be featuring content designed with you in mind — remember to please answer our brief survey so we can get this ball rolling! Each course will be set for a 4-6 week period, incorporating keynotes, case studies, lessons/tutorials, and interaction with instructors and other students. We additionally offer sponsorship opportunities for companies looking to participate via course keynotes, etc., to assist in educating users and interested participants.

As ever, 3DPrint.com remains dedicated to meeting the needs of our community, and we strive to remain the voice of 3D printing technologies. Our latest offerings are set to provide a valuable service to those interested in learning more about 3D printing, and we will continue to offer the latest in news, from-the-ground reporting, webcasts, our large and active community at 3DPrintBoard.com, and more. Discuss in the Online Training forum at 3DPB.com.

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