Advertise With Us’s Digital Advertising Network has quickly become the leading resource for discovering and uncovering news surrounding the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industries.  Writers on our team are the most respected in the industry.

Advertising with is a terrific way of getting highly targeted viewing of your display ads by an audience interested in exactly what you have to offer. created the Digital Advertising Network, a network catering to companies looking to advertise to a targeted audience made up of those interested in 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and 3D scanning technologies.  Please see the digital package for all of our ad options as well as more details on our traffic, and pricing.
Advertising Via Webcasts
One (1) live sponsored webcast of up to 45 minutes, featuring a moderator to introduce the sponsor, sponsored content (presenter on video, slide deck, participant chat, and real- time audience polling), and moderated Q&A session; webcast content will be developed in conjunction with our professional training consultant to ensure that it will be educational in nature and attract the widest audience.
Registration data, including participant name, email address, mailing address, and polling data customized to your needs.

  • Sponsor logo on webcast promotional page on
  • Sponsor logo on HTML Blasts and editorial content promoting registration
  • Sponsor logo on promotional ad on
  • 4 social media blasts to our social media database of over 500,000+ subscribers and 11,000+ email subscribers
  • Personalized webcast event registration page on our website
  • Advertising across the and websites
  • Promoted and listed as an on demand webcast for 12 months on our webcast database • Pre-webcast coaching with our professional consultant
  • Complete report summarizing webcast details

Once you’ve taken a look at our available advertising options, please contact Eddie Krassenstein, Director of Advertising at — — for any questions or complete the form below.

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