Hypertherm Relies on Network of NVPro 3D Printers Operating 24/7 for Parts Production: “Automated Part Removal is a Game-Changer”

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logo-1“Companywide. Schoolwide. Worldwide.” NVBOTS really began gaining a foothold in the 3D printing industry last year not only as a quality 3D printing manufacturer but also as a strong proponent for introducing the technology into education, while offering a strong emphasis on continual innovation and resulting commercialization. As we’ve seen their team strategically focusing on each of those priorities, it’s become apparent over time that the NVBOTS team has a clear and comprehensive plan for the future, whether they are offering innovative 3D printing curricula to schools, working to introduce their NVLibrary and well-received new NVPro 3D printer, or turning in new directions as with their new metal 3D printing technology. Recently we’ve also seen the Boston-headquartered company in the news as they’ve appointed new CEO Duncan McCallum and received Series A financing led by Swiss firm Woodman Asset Management.

hypertherm-logoNow, with a focus on their Built to Share capabilities, a new client is relying on NVBOTS and their solutions to help further their own systems. Hypertherm, a US-based manufacturer of plasma, laser and waterjet cutting systems, will in fact be using an entire network of the NVBOTS NVPro 3D printers as they look forward to greater speed, test assembly, and the evaluating of marketing concepts.

“We were using 3D printing on a limited basis, but our existing solution was poorly suited for a multi-user environment. It was difficult to use, time-consuming to manage, and unreliable. We were seeking an alternative, and were pleased to discover NVBOTS and the company’s NVPro platform,” said Hypertherm Engineering Manager Cliff Darrow.

“We have deployed several NVPro’s together with the NVCloud software. By having multiple printers accessible through the cloud, Hypertherm associates can easily print parts more quickly. We are particularly impressed with the NVPro’s productivity and how easy it is to manage. The unique automated part removal is a game-changer, as we now have printers that can operate 24×7 without an attendant. Our administrators and users also appreciate the easy queue management, and the ability to use remote video monitoring to check on part status. The NVPro has made a significant impact on business operations.”

Founded in 1968, Hypertherm invented water injection plasma cutting. They are also famous for being a company that is completely associate-owned, as well as for staying on the progressive and innovative edge. The New Hampshire-based company serves industries such those responsible for shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair, offering plasma, laser and waterjet cutting systems, in addition to CNC motion and height controls, CAM nesting software, robotic software, and consumables.


As this relationship between the two companies continues, Hypertherm will likely receive not just the benefits available through NVBOTS with the ability to print anytime from any cloud-connected devices, but also the long list of rewards that the technology itself offers as they are able to use it more, from the much-lauded affordability and speed in production to the ability to make innovative and customized high-quality parts, along with greater efficiency and productivity in workflow overall.

The Built to Share capability for the NVPro 3D printer also offers a huge benefit as it takes all the headaches and issues associated with part removal out of the equation. Combined with the NVCloud software, whether this is being used in a busy industrial setting or a university, the NVBOTS 3D printing technology and software offers streamlining in processes as well as superior organization. Administrators of the 3D printing network are able to completely control queues, workflows, and the busy atmosphere often associated with a shared environment that may not only be hosting many different users, but also running continuously 24/7.

With four NVPro 3D printers in operation at their facility right now, Hypertherm reports that over 100 associates are using the machines to fabricate over 50 parts a week. And what sold them on going with NVBOTS? According to the Hypertherm team, the priority was on high throughput design of the 3D printers, the ability to share, and the cloud connect capability. As pleased as they are with their current setup, they also have great interest in expanding further via NVBOTS, with their multi-metal 3D printing technology. Currently in development at NVLABS, their new method for 3D printing with metal will allow not just for higher speeds (up to ten times faster than SLS) but could actually eliminate the need for traditional molds and casting. There is also the potential for this technology to use multiple metals during the building process, as well as to work with any metal material.

“Industry leaders such as Hypertherm are increasingly turning to NVBOTS to speed the production of 3D printed parts,” said NVBOTS CEO Duncan McCallum. “We are proud to count Hypertherm as one of our customers and we are excited to provide them with new 3D printing capabilities in the months to come.”

See NVBOTS for more information on their 3D printing technology as well as their proprietary Metal Additive Deposition (MAD) process. You can also follow them at LinkedIn, as well as on Twitter @NVBOTS. Check out the video below for a great demonstration of what the NVPro 3D printer can do.

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