3D Print These Monsters Now! Save Quin & Her Team, Fight for Planet Earth

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25c46a51f61ad382052563417bd764bd_originalAs crisp October looms around the corner and Christmas trees are already on display in department stores, this year it’s our duty not only to come up with yet another creative Halloween costume that strikes fear and awe in our peers, but we must also perform the simple task of saving the Earth from doom.

That may seem a bit of a tall order for most of us busy earthlings, but according to 3DKitbash, it’s one that is as easy as visiting their Kickstarter page and following the harrowing journey of Quin–the 3D printed doll from planet Filamento. There, you can learn what needs to be done to save Quin–and the planet.

Quin comes with a highly technologically relevant story that we’ve been following for a while now after she fell to Earth with the aid of a 3D printer. The tale–and the list of 3D printable characters–have continued to grow–and now 3DKitbash has added monsters to the lineup. These beasts mean business, threatening to teleport to Earth through the largest 3D printer ever, as they’ve stolen Quin’s technology. There’s one way to prevent them though–and that’s by diffusing them with the activity of as many desktop 3D printers on Earth as possible, 3D printing mini-monsters to steal their wicked and diabolical energy.

e12e88abfdc3da269712b5967bed4836_originalSince her arrival to Earth, Quin has indeed not only received ray guns, a jet pack and moon boots, she also has company, thankfully, in the 3D printed forms of her brother NiQ, and her pet T-Rex, Boon.

Just as soon as she was getting comfortable though, the threat of monsters filled her with terror, and rightly so. The news came from her brother NiQ as he arrived on our planet.

“A band of giant monsters started ravaging Filamento in search of my inventions. To make matters worse, they had already gained my teleportation secrets and it was just a matter of time before they would head this way to try and gather my discoveries here on earth,” reports Quin. “Not cool.”

Quin is ready to begin battling the monsters now, with help of the killer robot RukiBot and her crew, but needs your help as well to begin 3D printing your own little monsters, thus taking away the energy of the real ones–as well as sharing your involvement in the fight via 3DKitbash and social media.

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The evil ‘Gankra’

3DKitbash offers a comprehensive creative process, allowing you to participate in the Kickstarter campaign, download and 3D print your own monsters to help with the fight, and enjoy delving into a delightful tale of space, camaraderie, and survival. The addition of the monsters stem from the imagination and inspiration of 3DKitbash founder Quincy Robinson, who with over ten years of experience in making toys, building prototypes, and engaging in 3D model sculpting, is now showing off the influence of one of his life-long interests in vintage Japanese “Kaiju” movies through these monsters.

You can help Quin and her gang to ‘fight these jerks’ by pledging your support, beginning with as little as $35, which results in the reward of one .stl file for a monster. These guys don’t require any support or glue for 3D printing and will allow you to begin diffusing the energy of one monster attempting to come to Earth from planet Filamento. With delivery dates expected in December of this year, you have your choice of packages, ascending in price as you add volume. At the highest level, supporters pledge $150 for the ‘Monster Attack Pack,’ which arrives in the form of three files to 3D print the monsters, as well as Quin, NiQ, RukiBot, and Boon’s .stl files, plus any stretch rewards developed along with the campaign.

The team at 3DKitbash also requests that you prepare for a serious battle. Begin ‘sharpening your pointy things’ and ‘stockpiling ammo’ because these beasts may soon be on their way. The campaign, seeking to raise $4,000, runs through October 31st.

Will you be printing out any of these monsters?  Let us know how they turn out in the 3DKitBash Forum thread on 3DPB.com.


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