Pinshape Announces Winners of Latest 3D Design Contest – Design Your Future Avatar

In July, 3D printing community and marketplace Pinshape partnered with Mold3D Academy for a contest centered around virtual sculpting. In the Design Your Future Avatar Contest, sponsored by Formlabs, Oculus, ZBrush,…

3D Printing Spotlight On: Chelsey Kearney, 3D Model Finisher, Chaos Core Tech

Chelsey Kearney’s husband Garrett, a Pinshape Ambassador who recently judged the Cosplay Design Contest, runs the fun, and informative, 3D design, modeling, and 3D printing Chaos Core Tech YouTube channel, which…

3D Printing Spotlight On: Tessa Nesci, Electrician & YouTuber from Down Under

Not only was my interview with Tessa Nesci informative and inspiring, it was fun. This electrician/3D printing enthusiast has a great sense of determination in her work that is matched…

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