Are We Living in The Matrix? Probably, Say Several Well-Respected Scientists

A few weeks ago, I started watching Westworld on HBO. I’m a few episodes behind, but it’s been really good so far – however, it’s also been more than a…

Westworld’s Technology is a Bit Too Familiar for Comfort: What Happens When Robotics and 3D Printing Advance Too Far?

It’s that time of year again – when TV networks roll out their new ideas for audiences to judge. Some will fizzle out before a season has passed, while others…

3D Printed Sexbots & Killbots are Hellbent on Vengeance in New HBO Series ‘Westworld’

Our world is a fluid one, constantly experiencing ebb and flow, change, and with technology like digital design and 3D printing–a stupendous amount of evolution and progress that allows us…

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