Just in Time for Fallout 4: 3D Print Your Own AER9 Laser Rifle

If you’ve ever played any of the modern Fallout games, then you probably remember how excited you were when, after hours of endless roaming and fighting off mutant cannibals, giant…

Japanese Artist Combines Modern Technology with Traditional Ukiyo-e for Huge 45 Piece 3D Printed Masterpiece

Over the course of the past couple years, we have seen 3D printing used by many artists to create incredible works that would not have been possible without this modern-day…

belVita uses UP! Plus 3D Printers as Part of Their #MorningWin Twitter Campaign

There are always those cool ideas that help a company’s marketing team really gain some publicity.  The belVita #MorningWin campaign appears to be just that. So what exactly is the…

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