Breakthrough 3D Printed Neural Scaffold Could Help Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries Regain Some Functions

Right now, 285,000 people in the US suffer from spinal cord injuries, with roughly 17,000 new injuries each year. 3D printed spinal implants have been shown to help patients recover more…

Bioprinting in Focus: Interview with José Baena, Founder and CEO of REGEMAT 3D and BRECA Healthcare

REGEMAT 3D, a pioneer in the development of 3D bioprinting technologies, and BRECA Healthcare have been making headlines recently, so to learn more we turned to  their founder José Baena…

Penn State Uses 3D Near-Field Electrospinning Method to Create Scaffolds for Living Tissue

As of right now, almost every complex transplant tissue, whether it’s a tendon or a kidney or a heart, comes from donors who are living or dead. A research team…

The State of Bioprinting and 3D Printing in Medicine

Bioprinting has been a much hyped and anticipated technology development. The idea of being able to 3D print organs is a very powerful one indeed. If researchers are successful in…

3D Printing Helps a Man Grow a New Ear on His Arm

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the walls have ears” but what you may not have heard is that in a hospital room in China, a man’s arm has ears too….

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