Artist Leon Reid IV Unveils New 3D Printed Portraits in TECH-ART Exhibit

While history is full of people trying to narrowly define what art is, people always seem to come along to gleefully create artwork that fits well outside of those boundaries….

Street Artist Banksy Gets 3D Treatment in New Kickstarter Campaign from Render3Dart

If you’re a fan of graffiti and street art, you’ve almost certainly heard of Banksy – and even if you haven’t, you’ve seen his work whether you realized it or not. The British…

Moving People: Helping Highlight the Plight of Refugees with 3D Printing & Guerrilla Street Art

At this moment, there are approximately 13,000 asylum seekers who have been given refugee status in the Netherlands and are awaiting new homes. While many there argue there is insufficient…

3D Printed Mysterabbit Meditates in Hundreds of Public Places

3D Printed Mysterabbit Meditates in Hundreds of Public Places

September 10, 2014

The world is a hectic place. Even though many people have left behind the worries of foraging for food and battling the elements, those arduous tasks have been replaced by…

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