Autodesk Offers Details on Latest Developments & Projects, Improving on 3D Printing Speed & Scale

Autodesk recently hosted an event at their San Francisco headquarters, showing off not just some new technology but expounding on updates regarding investments, a new 3D printing platform, Ember, and…

Autodesk Open Sources Ember Hardware and Firmware and Drops a Big Fusion 360 Update

There were a couple of big releases from 3D design and printing company Autodesk this week. First and perhaps the most notable was full open source release of the electronics and…

Autodesk CTO Reveals Details of Their Spark 3D Printing Platform & Printer: More coming at Inside 3D Printing Conference

Autodesk CTO Jeff Kowalski tells us why we should be excited about the new Spark platform, hints at wide-scale adoption by some major 3D printing players and foreshadows a brand…

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