Photoswitch Molecules Bring 3D Structured Light to Life

I never get tired of 3D movies; from Sing to Planet of the Apes, I still gasp when objects fly out at me and enjoy the sensation of watching a…

TPE TopCon: A Look at 16 Top 3D Printing Stories of 2016

Yesterday in Akron, Ohio was the 12th TPE TopCon event, a conference dedicated to thermoplastics hosted by the Akron Section of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) and the TPE Special…

3D Printing Embedded Wires & Fibers for Electronics — New FEAM 3D Printing Process Outlined in Research Paper

We seen some incredible innovations within the 3D printing space in the last couple of years. One area which presents a tremendous amount of potential is that of 3D printed…

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