Siemens 3D printing

ORNL to Support Siemens’ CATCH 3D Printing Lab

German technology giant Siemens already uses 3D printing extensively on its turbine blades and through its service bureau, while also developing depowdering hardware, modeling and simulation software, and much more….

Siemens and Sintavia Partner for Industrial 3D Printing Software Solutions

Siemens and Sintavia are reimagining end-to-end additive manufacturing (AM) to deliver a more viable solution to the additive process. In order to accelerate digital automation for industrial AM, the multinational…

Siemens Heads up IDEA: Line Integration of Additive Manufacturing Processes

Siemens has just announced a new three-year project called Industrial implementation of digital engineering and additive manufacturing (IDEA), as part of the “Line integration of additive manufacturing processes (LAF)” funding…