After Finishing a Full Iron Man Suit, Military Veteran Tim O’Sullivan 3D Prints the War Machine Mark III Suit

3D printing has found a home in the world of superheroes – the technology has been used to make superhero prosthetics, costumes, Legos, and models. One of the more popular choices…

3D Printed Imperator Furiosa Prosthetic Arm–Incredibly Accurate Mad Max: Fury Road Cosplay

Very few people could have predicted that the best movie of 2015 would be a dystopian action movie based on a movie series that ended 30 years ago, but Mad…

This 3D Printed Respirator Mask from Mad Max: Fury Road is as Horrifying as the Man Who Wears It

There may be a few movies that make more money this year than Mad Max: Fury Road, but there certainly will not be a movie that makes a larger impact…

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