Nano Brick Artist Brings the 1980s Back With a 3D Printed Classic Tabletop Arcade

Those of you who don’t have 3D printers already, what do you think you’d make first if you did have one? In all likelihood, probably a Benchy, but then what?…

Maker Uses 3D Printing and Raspberry Pi to Build a Mini NES with Working Mini Game Cartridges

While it wasn’t the first home video game system, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is unarguably the most iconic and important in the history of the video game industry. When…

3D Print Your Own Functioning Retro MiniNES for Less than $50

The love for gaming is quite simply, ceaseless, and — most definitely — timeless. It doesn’t matter how many years or decades go by. If you can still find kids entranced by…

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