Why Are 3D Printing Projects Always Delayed?

You may have noticed that industrial 3D printing projects seem to perennially be delayed. Desktop 3D printers also always suck, initially. New designs for systems are finicky and underperform no…

DSM’s Hugo da Silva: “I Don’t Think That Anyone Should Own the Ecosystem”

Hugo da Silva has been running DSM’s 3D printing unit now for over two and a half years. During that time the firm has shown itself a determined force in…

Projects and Having Purpose

I am here to explain the mindset of creating things on a consistent basis and how creativity can be forced.. painfully and purposefully :).

3D Print n Pack Supplies You with Everything You Can’t 3D Print Yourself

Mario Pirrello, a senior Mechanical Engineering student at West Virginia University, is leading the charge for a new concept in 3D printing’s accessibility. Pirrello, who says he has helped run…