NASA Tests Methane Propelled TurboPump as 3D Printing Continues to be Catalyst for Space Travel

Space travel and new technology travel together, both conceptually and literally. And if you want to be continually fascinated and challenged, just keep an eye on NASA, where they are…

RAPID 2016 Will Feature Live 3D Printing and Assembly of Large-Scale Orion Module Replica

In May, I’ll be attending my first-ever 3D printing conference and exhibition. RAPID 2016 will be taking place in Orlando from May 16-19, and I must say that I’m getting…

Project Orion: NASA’s Mission to Mars Relies on Designs of Past & Future, Powered by 3D Printing

Have you ever noticed that children, upon being asked what they want to do when they grow up, often respond with the most difficult professions possibly attainable? It all seems…

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