Sandia National Laboratories Looks at 3D Printing a Telescope in a New Way

Sandia National Laboratories likes to 3D print in big ways. The US Department of Energy contractor has impressed with 3D printed wind turbine blade molds, 3D printed solar power receivers, and…

New Technology Like 3D Printing Emerges—Companies Collaborate, Integrate Traditional With Cutting Edge

Although it’s something much of the world may not think about, the combination of ultraprecision manufacturing and optics plays a large part in running the world when it comes to…

Mapal Uses 3D Printing to Manufacture Precision Parts Such as Their QTD-series Insert Drills

You may not have realized that such a thing as a high-tech drilling solutions think tank existed, but it does and has since 1950. The think tank, named Mapal, has spent…

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