3D Printing News Briefs: February 6, 2018

Valentine’s Day is next week, so we’ll start today’s 3D Printing News Briefs off with a heartwarming story, before moving on to 3D printed models, and plenty of business news….

SUTD Professors Unveil Mesh-Like 3D Printed Light Art Installation in Singapore

Just as 3D printing technology can be used to construct bridges, houses, and office buildings, it can also be used to construct artistic sculptures. Thanks to its ability to create custom,…

The Digital Hand: Using Kinect to Create 3D Printed Furniture and Objects

Parametric is a favorite word among the digital design community. In fact, one of my colleagues at the university and a good friend of ours used it so often that…

Bacteria And 3D Printing Collide to Form Art

While bacteria most likely won’t have their own Saturday morning cartoon any time soon, they have received quite a lot of attention over the years, not all of which has…

You Can Now 3D Print Love

You Can Now 3D Print Love

August 19, 2014

You have heard about 3D printing orthotics, 3D printed shells for hermit crabs, and 3D printed beaks for Penguins, but now the LOVE PROJECT is 3-D printing love. This project…

X.Pose 3D Printed Wearable Sculpture Reveals Person’s Skin Based on Data

Americans are obsessed with privacy, or at least we think we are. In fact, paradoxical privacy laws make it truly difficult sometimes for you to even access your own information,…

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