Motion Capture and 3D Printing Preserve the Movements of Skateboards in Action

Some of athletes’ best memories come from a record-setting run or bike ride, or, for skateboarders, a difficult-to-master trick. Those moments are ephemeral, as memories tend to be, but 3D…

Orbbec Releases Open Source SDK to GitHub for Their Astra 3D Camera Technology

When Orbbec was founded back in 2013 their goal was to develop intelligent computer-driven 3D cameras capable of reacting to their environment, and their users specific needs using gesture controls….

San Francisco-based Artist Creates a 3D Printed Model of the City’s Sewer System

The city of San Francisco is known for many things–its steep hills, its exquisite view of the bay, its landmark Golden Gate Bridge, its trolley cars, its rich, lively culture….