Scrona Rolls out GEN3 Printhead for High-Precision Manufacturing, Raises $4 Million

ETH Zurich spin-off Scrona has raised $4 million through Convertible Loan Agreement (CLA) financing, bringing its total funding to $15.2 million. Known for its advanced technology that can create tiny,…

Optomec and Ceradrop Expand Their Additive Manufacturing Distribution Partnership

Supplier of 3D additive manufacturing systems Optomec is expanding its distribution partnership with Ceradrop, a designer and marketer of Materials Deposition Inkjet Printers for exclusive use in the printed electronics industry….

Rohinni Uses 3D Printing to Cast the Thinnest Light Product In the World

What if you could just print light on whatever you wanted? We’re watching 3D printing make progress in nearly every arena, so using it for creating one of the most…