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3D Printing Luxury Goods On-Site? Selfridges Has the Robots for That

One of London’s premier department stores on Oxford Street, Selfridges, has created the ultimate shopping experience. Thanks to 3D printing robots, the iconic store offers consumers the opportunity to order…

Fishy Filaments Hooks Investors, Moves Forward with Recycled 3D Printer Filament from Fishing Nets

A good crowdfunding success story is a wonderful thing, especially when that success impacts more than just the business itself. Fishy Filaments was founded with a noble goal in mind…

Fishy Filaments Works to Save Marine Life by Turning Fishing Nets Into 3D Printer Filament

It’s impossible for most people to feel unmoved by images of dolphins, birds, and other marine life entangled in fishing nets, but it’s a tragedy that happens all the time….