Building in the Stars: Phase Two, Level Two Winners Announced for NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Challenge

My husband and I are science fiction fans, and as such own some of Ray Bradbury’s works, including short story collection The Martian Chronicles. I especially like “The Million-Year Picnic,”…

Phase Two of NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Challenge is Now Open for Registration

The thought of humans living in 3D printed habitats on Mars is incredible enough – but the idea that those habitats may be partially designed by average citizens sounds unbelievable….

Forecast 3D Helped NASA Mars Habitat Challenge Winner 3D Print a Replica of their Winning Design

After discovering flowing liquid water on the surface of Mars, NASA was quick to announce that they have officially started planning on a manned mission to the red planet. Which…

Colonizing Mars With 3D Printed Sfero Habitats Made from Local Materials

Back in May, NASA announced their 3D Printed Habitat Challenge hoping to find some new ideas for potentially creating workable ideas to create functional and safe living spaces suitable for…

NASA Challenges Public to 3D Print Real Space Habitats for $2.25 Million in Prizes

3D printing has become a technology that many people believe will help us live better, more efficient lives here on Earth. However, NASA as of late, has been focusing on using…

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