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On The Heels of Jobs Act Title III Approval: Seedrs Crowdfunding Platform to Come to the US with Beta Testing, Formal Launch in 2016

As the world of technology grows with digital design and 3D printing, innovations abound–and the seeds are planted for many new businesses. But with that comes a need for capital….

MyMiniFactory Hits Seedrs Goal as They Finally Allow Users to Upload with Rhino 3D

A small but vocal group of MyMiniFactory users have been begging the 3D printable model marketplace to allow them to upload directly from Rhinoceros 3D for almost as long as…

MyMiniFactory Launches Seedrs Crowdfunding Campaign To Raise £500,000

Back in the beginning of June MyMiniFactory announced that they soon would be turning to equity crowdfunding platform,, in an attempt to raise capital for the expansion of their…