Multi-Color, Multi-Material Unprecedented Efficiency: Stratasys’ J750 Reinvents 3D Printing

“We’re at the beginning of something that’s going to shake up the world.” With these words from Stratasys‘ Chief Business Officer, Joshua Claman, the odyssey finally began. Called with other…

Soon-to-Be-Released Aether 1 3D Printer Can Do Absolutely Everything

Most 3D printers are made for a particular function. There are printers for metal, printers for plastic, food printers, bioprinters, but for the most part, they’re each limited to one…

Multiextruder NPr2 – Allows for 3D Printing in up to 6 Colors Per Object

 “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” ~ Wassily Kandinsky, famous Russian painter and art theorist. Isn’t this so true? Think about it for a minute. How boring…

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