Fabricating Bionic Corals Could Improve Bioenergy and Coral Reefs

Replicating structures with live cells have the potential to create environments to study processes and cell development that could become very beneficial to scientists and one of Earth’s largest ecosystems,…

What is Metrology Part 13: Object Recognition

This is an article focused on object recognition and how humans are doing such compared to computer systems. There is an attention to detail that humans have more then robots currently.

Naval Research Shows 3D Printing Makes JPADS More Accurate and Cost-Effective

The United States Army, Air Force, and Marines have been using aerial delivery systems (ADS) since WWII, so obviously 3D printed drones have major applications in the military – they’re…

Newcastle University Researchers Release RMADS Source Code for 3D Printing Selection Software

It would seem that the sharing of information such as invaluable, helpful code was once only done between software engineers and programmers working together on crucial projects or together in…

3D Printed Lighted Globe Uses Stereographic Projection to Cast Incredible Patterns

Surely one of the central goals of the maker movement is to encourage a return to self-reliance, something that we all sacrificed to an extent with the industrial and technological…

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