martian habitat


Terran Mars Habitat Being 3D Printed by ICON for NASA

Texas-based additive construction company ICON just announced that it’s been charged with creating a 3D printed habitat, called the Mars Dune Alpha, at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, also in Texas….

Martian Biolith: A New Bioinspired Composite for 3D Printing on Mars

There are many challenges for in-situ resource utilization off-Earth. However, as human space exploration plans draw near, there is a pressing need to come up with creative solutions that will…

To Mars and Beyond: How RedWorks is Going to Help NASA Colonize Space

Last May when NASA launched their Mars 3D Printed Habitat Challenge teams of designers, artists, engineers, rocket scientists and 3D printing technology experts from all over the world tried their…

Colonizing Mars With 3D Printed Sfero Habitats Made from Local Materials

Back in May, NASA announced their 3D Printed Habitat Challenge hoping to find some new ideas for potentially creating workable ideas to create functional and safe living spaces suitable for…