3D Printers & Poetry Merge to Leave MakerBot Store Attendees Mesmerized

How in the world could an artist of any kind take two things as completely different as 3D printing and poetry, combine them, and then form a masterpiece that would…

‘Leon Reid IV’s 3D-Print Poetry’ – Ex Graffiti Artist Combines 3D Printing & Poetry – Coming to MakerBot Store

3D Printing has been enabling artists to use their imaginations to create things that were not possible just 5 years ago. With the advent of desktop 3D printers, designers, hobbyists…

MakerBot Opens First Mini-retail Offering in New York’s B&H SuperStore

On Thursday (May 29) MakerBot and B&H Photo Video opened a MakerBot store within the B&H SuperStore on Ninth Avenue in New York City. This is MakerBot’s first store-within-a-store, and…

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